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Last Updated Aug 11, 2004
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Comprehensive Standards 3.2.12:

The institution’s chief executive officer has ultimate control of the institution’s fund-raising activities.

The Institution Certifies Compliance: Yes

Compliance report completed by: Audit Team 12

Statement of Rationale for Judgment of Compliance:

The Tennessee Board of Regents (TBR) delegates to each president within the board system the authority to solicit and accept gifts in accordance with the provisions of TBR policy. [1] The president of the University of Memphis has designated the vice president for advancement as the individual authorized to approve and conduct all activities related to the solicitation of gifts to the institution. [2] This is accomplished through the Advancement Division, the UofM Foundation, and the Department of Athletics.

As the president’s chief development officer, the vice president for advancement [3] is called upon to direct the day-to-day fund-raising operations and advises the president regularly on the status of those efforts. The vice president for advancement reports directly to the president, [4] and is a member of the President’s Council.

The University of Memphis Foundation, a non-profit, tax-exempt corporation chartered for the benefit of the university, is a major vehicle for developing and accepting private gifts to the institution. [5] The organization is guided by an independent board of trustees, which was merged with the UofM Board of Visitors in 2003. [6]  The vice president for advancement serves as the executive director of the UofM Foundation, [7] and directly supervises the foundation’s managing director. [8] As stated in the agreement [9] between the UofM and the foundation, the UofM president serves as a member of the board of trustees. In addition, the UofM vice president for business and finance is currently a member of the board by virtue of the position. [10]

Fund-raising for athletics is accomplished by the Tiger Clubs, the Department of Athletics’ central fund-raising organization. The mission of the Tiger Clubs is to provide a base of fund-raising services for alumni and friends who support Tiger athletic programs. Currently, six booster clubs exist under the Tiger Clubs umbrella: Highland 100 (football), Rebounders (men’s basketball), Fast Break Club (women’s basketball), The Bull Pen (men’s baseball), Side Out Club (women’s volleyball), and the Men’s Soccer Supporters Club.

Organizationally, the Tiger Clubs exists within the structure of, and are subject to continuing oversight by, the Department of Athletics. The Department of Athletics is led by the athletics director, who reports directly to the president [11] and has regularly scheduled weekly meetings, during which the operations of the Department of Athletics are discussed.

At the weekly meeting of the President’s Council, which includes the vice president for advancement and the athletics director, the president gathers information, makes decisions, and communicates policy regarding a variety of topics, including fund-raising in general and for intercollegiate athletics in particular.

Relevant Organizational Unit(s):

Office of the President; Vice President for Advancement

Supporting Documentation and Evidence:

[1] TBR Policy 4:01:04:00 Solicitation and Acceptance of Gifts
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[2] UofM Policy 1:2A:09:03 Donations to the University of Memphis
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[3] Position Description: Vice President Marketing & Advancement
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[4] UofM Organization Chart - Advancement
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[5] UofM Foundation Mission Statement
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[6] UofM Board of Visitors
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[7] UofM Foundation Policies and Procedures, Section G
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Position Description: Managing Director, UofM Foundation

Organization Chart - UofM Foundation

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[9] Agreement Between Memphis State University and Memphis State University Foundation
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[10] UofM Foundation Board of Trustees Membership List
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Position Description: Director of Intercollegiate Athletics

Organization Chart - Athletics

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