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Federal Requirement 4.5

Last Updated August 11, 2004
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Federal Requirement 4.5:

The institution has adequate procedures for addressing written student complaints and makes those available upon request by the Commission.

The Institution Certifies Compliance: Yes

Compliance report completed by: Audit Team 38

Statement of Rationale for Judgment of Compliance:

The University of Memphis has procedures in place to address the different kinds of student complaints presented in writing to offices at the university.

Undergraduate and graduate students who wish to appeal a grade can do so according to the procedures outlined in the Undergraduate Bulletin [1] and the Graduate Bulletin. [2] After contacting the instructor, the student is directed to appeal in writing to the department, the college, and ultimately the university’s undergraduate or graduate grade appeals committees. Written records of these appeals are kept on file in the units in which the appeals have been filed. The provost is provided with an annual written report by offices in Academic Affairs about the number of cases and the outcomes of appeals presented to the university grade appeals committees. This file is maintained in the Office of the Provost.

University policies regarding racial or sexual harassment or discrimination based on race, color, national origin, religion, age, gender, disability, veteran status, or sexual orientation are published on the Affirmative Action Office website. [3] This office investigates each complaint of discrimination, which then presents a final investigative report to the university president for review and final disposition. Files that include the original complaint and the final report are retained in the Affirmative Action Office. In cases of complaints of sexual harassment, the office works under the authority of legal and general counselors on campus and at the Tennessee Board of Regents. The final investigative report is submitted to the attorneys prior to presenting it to the president for final resolution. The complaint, all investigatory notes, and the final report are maintained on file in the Affirmative Action Office.

The university’s Code of Student Conduct spells out expectations for student behavior. [4] Students charged with violating the university’s expectations and standards of behavior are afforded procedural and substantive due process through the disciplinary procedures described in the code. These are administered by the Office of Judicial and Ethical Affairs. Records of written appeals and disciplinary procedures are maintained in that office.  

Students have the right to appeal decisions made by university officials in the implementation of university policies. For example, fees and charges may be appealed through the Fee/Refund Appeals Standing Committee. [5] Students may file written appeals in the department charged with implementing the specific policy. The appeals and the responses are kept on file in that office.

Relevant Organizational Unit(s):

Associate Vice Provost for Undergraduate Programs; Assistant Vice Provost for Graduate Studies

Supporting Documentation and Evidence:

[1] UofM Undergraduate Bulletin, Grade Appeal Procedures
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[2] UofM Graduate Bulletin, Grade Appeal Procedures
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UofM Policy UM1391 Harrassment - Sexual or Racial

UofM Policy 1:2A:12:05 Sexual Orientation

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[4] Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities
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[5] Fee/Refund Appeals Standing Committee, Charge
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