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Federal Requirement 4.6

Last Updated August 2, 2004
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Federal Requirement 4.6:

Recruitment materials and presentations accurately represent the institution's practices and policies.

The Institution Certifies Compliance: Yes

Compliance report completed by: Audit Team 39

Statement of Rationale for Judgment of Compliance:

Recruitment materials distributed by the Office of Admissions clearly represent the admissions requirements and policies of the University of Memphis. These materials include the Undergraduate Bulletin [1] and Graduate Bulletin, [2] the Viewbook, [3] and the Search Piece, which is an overview of the university‚Äôs programs and extracurricular opportunities. [4] The Office of Admissions website provides admissions requirements for first time undergraduate, transferring, readmitting, and graduate students. [5] Other web sites provide information to international students [6] and veteran students. [7] Forms needed to complete the admissions process, as well as forms for students to apply for admission are available online. [8] Links from the admissions home page include information of interest to potential students on undergraduate admissions, graduate admissions, law school admissions, class registrations, fee payment, financial aid and scholarships, and public safety. [9]

The Office of Admissions prepares student recruitment publications in coordination with other offices on campus to target particular types of students. Information specific to honors students, [10] for example, is distributed to complement the information on the Honors Program web site. [11] Advertisements are also placed in area high school newspapers. All student recruitment publications are revised every two to four years.

The Office of Admissions trains the recruitment representatives who travel the state of Tennessee in order to present information about the University of Memphis in a variety of venues, including high school visits, college fairs, recruitment receptions, community events, and meetings with regional employers. Along with regional recruitment travel, college recruiters meet with prospective students and their families throughout the year and present information about the UofM through several formats, including daily tours, campus visits, and receptions.  

In addition to the recruitment materials described above, the university may use mass media print advertising to complement the recruitment effort.

Most of the graduate studies recruitment materials are distributed to students through individual colleges and departments specific to the disciplines. The visitation and recruitment coordinator, who serves as the recruiter for all graduate degrees for the university, distributes graduate studies recruitment materials at various venues on- and off-campus. [12]

The Office of Marketing and Communications provides assistance to UofM colleges and departments in creating recruitment materials. This helps ensure that all publications adhere to the policies and procedures regarding recruitment materials as set forth by the University of Memphis [13] and the Tennessee Board of Regents. [14] All recruitment materials are reviewed and approved by the appropriate college, office, or division.

Relevant Organizational Unit(s):

Assistant Vice Provost for Enrollment Services; Associate Vice Provost for Marketing and Communications

Supporting Documentation and Evidence:

[1] UofM Undergraduate Bulletin ( visit the live www site )
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[2] UofM Graduate Bulletin ( visit the live www site )
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[3] Viewbook
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[4] Search Piece
Return to narrative

[5] Office of Admissions ( visit the live www site )
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[6] International Student Office ( visit the live www site )
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[7] Office of the Registrar, Veteran Services ( visit the live www site )
Return to narrative

[8] UofM Undergraduate Admissions ( visit the live www site )
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[9] Prospective Students Web Page ( visit the live www site )
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[10] Honors Program Brochure
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[11] University Honors Program ( visit the live www site )
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[12] Graduate School Brochure
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[13] Brand Standards Manual
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[14] TBR Guideline G-140 Publications
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