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The SafeZone certification process follows an extensive certification manual that is divided into ten chapters according to focus of information.

The first eight chapters of the Certification Manual are grouped below, including a brief description of subjects covered. Material from these chapters can be printed from the .pdf files provided here, either entirely or as single pages. This is a resource that the SafeZone membership feels important to share with the general U of M community in the interest of educating, informing and promoting civility and a positive campus experience for everyone--GLBTIQ and Straight, students, faculty and staff.

  • Chapter 1- Introduction: includes Table of Contents, Acknowledgements and general information.
  • Chapter 2- Coming Out: 3 pages of symbols associated with the GLBTIQ community and Gay Pride & explanations; and 6 pages of various aspects of coming out, its affects and helpful commentary.
  • Chapter 3- Understanding Gender: Orientation, historical & contemporary GLBTIQ persons, and ways to assess homophobia.
  • Chapter 4- Reality Check: Challenges for the GLBTIQ community, suicide prevention (S.T.E.P.S.), bullying, offensive language and how it harms both Gay and Straight people.
  • Chapter 5- Teaching Tolerance: Assessing personal behavior, teaching tolerance, explaining terminology.
  • Chapter 6- Addressing Diversity: Cass Model of Identity Development, challenges for people of color, students in the military, GLBTIQ Greeks & their Allies, and religious challenges.
  • Chapter 7- Gender Issues: Bisexuality, 5 pages of transgender information, and 3 pages on intersex.
  • Chapter 8- Allies & Outreach: "I Did Not Speak Out"( essay), 5 pages of Ally and outreach information, and 3 pages on referral information.
  • Chapter 9- Glossary: available via the second button to the left.
  • Chapter 10- Appendices; References and Resources: available via the third button to the left.

NOTE: All of these documents require Adobe Acrobat to be on your computer to read and/or print them.

[Adobe Acrobat Reader software available at]

A list of allies is provided and can be accessed by clicking on the word "SafeZone" above.


Allies may receive a CD with the information in the manual, a SafeZone logo sticker to post, and will be able to add their names to the list accessed through the "Certified SafeZone Allies" button above.

We will be posting scheduled certification sessions below on a regular basis.

Certification is available to
all University of Memphis
Staff, Faculty and Student Allies.

Participation is strictly voluntary.

NEXT Available Certification Sessions: 


 Safezone Sessions are held in Wilder Tower 206 (by the elevators), unless otherwise noted.

You are also welcome to call Dr. Rich Scott to schedule Certification sessions...faculty and departmental groups welcomed.

Please call 901-678-2068 for more information.

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