Haskel D. Harrison, Ed.D.

901.678-2281 | hharrisn@memphis.edu

Dr. Haskel D. Harrison is an Educator and Research Associate Professor of Applied Public Sector Research and Evaluation. He received his Ed.D. in Higher Education Administration (Personnel Services) from The University of Memphis. Dr. Harrison has over 35 years of experience directing and managing a variety of research and evaluation projects. He has written two reference books on secondary and post-secondary vocational and technical education resources in Tennessee, has produced over 50 research reports and monographs, has published 30 articles and editorials in refereed journals or by invitation, and has presented at dozens of conferences and professional association meetings.

Dr. Harrison's expertise includes economic impact studies, applied research in areas ranging from higher education to the trucking industry, quality performance evaluations, agency assessments, and applied behavior analysis. Recently, Dr. Harrison completed studies on The Economic Impact of Secondary and Post-Secondary Career and Technical Education in Tennessee and Broadening Access: The Impact of Female, Minority, and Older Tennessee Community College Graduates' Employment and Earnings, 2002-2008.