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Send Us Your Tiger Pride

Help us tell our story!

We are seeking submissions for Tiger Pride, a Web feature that displays points of pride throughout the University of Memphis Web site. Have you been awarded a major research grant? Won a national award? Has your department been recognized for excellence? If so, we'd like to hear from you.

While we cannot guarantee your Tiger Pride fact will be included on the Web site, we will look over all submissions. The following criteria should help in determining what makes for a good Tiger Pride fact:

  • National awards and recognition
    • Individual awards on national or international level
    • Department recognition (inclusion in U.S. News or Princeton Review lists, mention in major publications, quality awards)
  • Major milestones
    • Founding anniversaries
    • Reaching major benchmarking points
  • Noteworthy statistics
    • Exceptional bar and licensure pass rates
    • High job placement rates
  • Partnerships and grants
  • Notable (or interesting) numbers/facts
    • Number/variety of student organizations
    • Safety ("Safest metropolitan campus in state of Tennessee")
  • Any other state, national or international accolades

View the full list of Tiger Pride for good examples.

After submitting your Tiger Pride fact, it will be sent to the Marketing and Communications Office for verification and approval for inclusion on the Web site. When submitting your fact, please select the pages on which your fact should appear. For example, if your fact concerns a faculty research award, it should be flagged for the faculty/staff page and research page. If it concerns an admissions statistic, it should be flagged for the admissions page and future students page.

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