Because I am involved...

Jessie EllisonJessie Ellison
: Organizational Leadership
Hometown: Halls, TN


Because I am involved...I am a better communicator. As Vice President for Habitat for Humanity, I learned how to reach individuals who were different than I am and how to effectively maintain those relationships and keep individuals active. Thus, it pushed me to seek advice from advisors on campus, members of the executive board, and others to expand my creativity differently for each specific group I was initiating to. This skill is something that I will be able to use professionally in working with others as a dedicated teammate and for reaching out to new friendships that will develop.

Sydney A FeatherstoneSydney A Featherstone
: Business Management
Hometown: Chattanooga, TN


Because I am involved...Because I am involved I am a better person, it has brought me out of my shell and I have built great relationships because of it. Being a leader in various organizations has given me the opportunity to develop my skills for life after college such as; learning to communicate effectively, managing time, and thinking critically. I am glad I was given the opportunity to broaden myself through student leadership which I hope influences others, because my experience at the University of Memphis would not be the same without being involved.

Porsha JenkinsPorsha Jenkins
: Chemistry
Hometown: Nashville,TN


Because I am involved...I am a better communicator. I am a naturally introverted person and being involved has helped me break through my shell and speak to different people. Since becoming involved with Students Advocating Service and other organizations on campus I have learned how to listen, be patient, organized, and confident. Being involved has been the greatest part of my collegiate experience.

Kait RedickPorsha Jenkins
: Marketing Management; Minor in Economics
Hometown: Eads, TN


Because I am involved...I am a better team player. My involvement with several on-campus organizations has taught me the power teamwork has throughout our lives. Working with organizations, such as Habitat for Humanity, has taught me responsibility, organization, communication skills, and much more. I am involved at The University of Memphis, and I recommend you to do the same!