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Randal Buddington


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The research program of Randal Buddington is at the intersection of nutrition, health and disease, and the changes that occur during life. Exemplary are how his studies of the consequences of prematurity are leading to changes in the care and outcomes of the 500,000 babies born premature in the US and the more than 12 million worldwide. Because of these efforts Memphis is becoming a world leader in improving the care of premature infants. Another area of research is focused on improving chemotherapy for children with cancer. Members of the Buddington Laboratory have opportunities to study human nutrition as well as the nutrition of agricultural and companion animals, and exotic species. It is an exciting time for nutrition research and the Buddington Laboratory welcomes individuals with initiative and imagination to lead the way in improving health by better nutrition.


Bachelor Biology - University of California, Riverside - 1976
Masters of Science Zoology - Arizona State University - 1978
PhD Ecology - University of California, Davis - 1983