HSP PhD Curriculum

The HSP doctoral program is a 54 semester hour degree program. Students are required to fulfill prerequisite courses PUBH 8150 Biostatistical Methods I, PUBH 8170 Epidemiology in Public Health I, and HADM 8105 Health Policy and the Organization of Health Services, or document their equivalent. Credit hours for these prerequisite courses will not count toward the 54 hours required for graduation.

Health Systems and Policy Major Core

PUBH 8710 Health Care Economics
HADM 8204 Quality and Outcomes Management in Health Care
PUBH 8502 Health Policy, Theory and Methods
HADM 8109 Health Care Information Systems
HADM 8110 Leadership & Organizational Change in Healthcare

Research Methods Core

A total of nine (9) credit hours is required; students select three (3) of the following courses:
HADM 8106 Health Services Research; and select two of the following courses:
PUBH 8334 Community Based Participatory Research Methods
PUBH 8172 Epidemiology in Public Health II
PUBH 8174 Epidemiology in Public Health III
PUBH 8141 Epidemiologic Survey Methods
PUBH 8444 Public Health Surveillance
PUBH 8450 Randomized Clinical Trials
PUBH 8347 Quantitative Methods in Health Research
PUBH 8339 Translational Research Methods in Population Health

Biostatistics Core

PUBH 8152 Biostatistical Methods II; and two (2) of the following courses for a total of nine (9) credit hours:
PSYC 8301 Research Design and Methods
PSYC 8302 Advanced Statistics
PSYC 8304 Measurement Theory and Psychometrics
PSYC 8305 Quantitative Methods of Review in Research
PUBH 8104 Large Data Sets in Public Health Research
PUBH 8306 Linear Structural Modeling
PUBH 8308 Applied Multivariate Statistics
PUBH 8310 Mixed Models Regression
PUBH 8311 Applied Categorical Data Analysis

Elective courses

Students will chose up to 9 credit hours of faculty-guided electives.

Doctoral seminars

PUBH 8901 Prof Development for PUBH Doctoral Students


PUBH 9000; up to nine (9) credit hours

HSP PhD Program requirements

In addition to completion of the 54 semester hours of required coursework, program requirements include successful completion of written and oral comprehensive examinations, and the preparation and successful defense of a dissertation in accordance with the University of Memphis Graduate School policies and guidelines.

Questions about the HSP PhD Program curriculum and degree requirements?

SangNam Ahn, PhD, MPSA, Associate Professor and Coordinator
Health Systems Policy and Management