MHA Program Mission, Vision, and Values


The mission of the University of Memphis MHA Program is to provide a high quality educational experience that will, through both on-campus and executive tracks, prepare students for success in a variety of healthcare institutions. Through our strong relationships with healthcare community partners, combined with innovative classroom and blended learning methods, we provide our students with real-world healthcare management practice and immersion experiences.

The Program's student leadership and professional skills development program in both tracks enhances students' attainment of program competencies allowing our students to transition more effectively into entry level positions or promotion and advancement in healthcare management.

The Program's engaged scholarship model mirrors the University of Memphis and the School of Public Health approaches to scholarship as it provides an avenue for our faculty to collaborate with our community partners to generate and translate knowledge through applied research activities.


The University of Memphis MHA Program's vision is to be one of the country's top MHA programs and to be the program of choice to the Mid-south healthcare community for developing leaders in the healthcare management field.

values and values statements

Our values of Respect, Commitment, Diversity, and Excellence are consistent with the values of the University of Memphis. Our values statements serve to illustrate how we translate our values into action and the values we hope to achieve.

Respect: an expectation to create and reinforce a culture of positive regard and fairness for all colleagues and students

  • Treat each other as valued colleagues and model our code of conduct in our actions with our students, our peers and each other.
  • Earn and keep our student's trust by adhering to high standards of honesty, open communication and fairness.

Diversity:  an expectation to valuing a diverse community of students, faculty, and staff who represent the community they serve

  • Respect diversity and value the mosaic of ethnicity, culture, religion, and lifestyle as components in successful healthcare management and education.
  • Incorporate an understanding of the impact of diversity on healthcare management throughout our curriculum.

Commitment:  an expectation to strive for personal and professional excellence in the field of health care management and health care management education

  • Encourage commitment to the pursuit of lifelong learning as a key step to personal and organization improvement.Use evidence based teaching principles and teaching methods.
  • Recognize our student's input and contributions and use this information to improve program delivery and outcomes.

Excellence:  an expectation of our program to exceed the professional internal and external standards in the community we serve

  • Challenge our students and ourselves to solicit and respectfully consider different viewpoints, perspectives, and ideas. We will engage our students wherever they are (online and on campus) recognizing their knowledge of and contributions to learning communities.
  • Engage our students wherever they are (online and on campus) recognizing their knowledge of and contributions to learning communities.
  • We believe success of our students is one of the most important measures of the success of our program and as such will support students to achieve their desired potential.
  • Promote student learning and engagement inside and outside the classroom through experiential learning opportunities, student engagement, and creation of learning communities.
  • Collaborate with community partners, academic colleagues, and others on mutual interest of improving.