MHA Program Requirements

The MHA program is a 53 semester hour degree program, not including prerequisites that may be required before full admittance to the program.

core curriculum

HADM 7100/01 Day One
HADM 7102 Health Administration Law
HADM 7103 Health Planning
HADM 7105 Health Policy and the Organization of Health Services
HADM 7108 Healthcare Finance I
HADM 7109 Health Administration Information Systems
HADM 7110 Health Management Leadership
HADM 7116 Administration of Health Service Organizations
HADM 7190 Internship in Health Administration
HADM 7204 Healthcare Quality and Outcomes Management
HADM 7206 Managerial Epidemiology
HADM 7208 Healthcare Finance II
HADM 7605 Human Resources Administration
HADM 7209 Quantitative Methods for Health Services
HADM 7210 Integrated Experience in Healthcare Administration (Capstone)
ECON 7710 Healthcare Economics


Students in the on-campus MHA track will select at least six (6) hours of graduate course electives in consultation with the student's assigned faculty advisor in order to complete the 53 hour degree.  The six hours of electives for the Executive MHA track are designated in advance for the cohort.


All students must complete a 300 hour internship experience for three (3) credit hours (HADM 7190).


All students participate in an integrative capstone experience while enrolled in HADM 7210. The major focus of this course is to develop a small-team project to create a needs analysis, identifying gaps in healthcare services, planning an intervention (either a service or a facility), and determining how to create, finance, staff, deliver, and evaluate the initiative.