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Committees and Representation (rev. 9/2016)

President Vickie Peters
Vice President Virginia Huss
Secretary Latica Jones
Public Relations Coordinator Laura Wright
Membership Coordinator Jill Green
Website Coordinator Debra Turner


Bylaws Committee

  • Brigitte Boyd
  • Constance Butts

Election Committee

  • Felicia Roddy-Jackson
  • Brennan Reeves

Legislative Committee

  • Virginia Huss
  • Sharon Beasley

University Committees

Facilities & Services

  • Paige LeBlanc
  • Tammara Adams

Issues and Review Committee

  • Sheron Davenport
  • Barrett Schwartz

Traffic & Parking

  • Jill Green
  • Penny Saed

Fee/Refund Appeal

  • Felicia Roddy-Jackson
  • Deanna West

Public Records

  • Latica Jones
  • Constance Butts