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Staff Senate Minutes - Thursday, Nov 16, 2006

Panhellenic - 101

9:30 AM

Senators present: Bekis, Barbara; Bell, Karen; Busby, Hugh; Cantler, Ed; Carman, Gary; Channell, Jessica; Colburn, Dorothy; Dimond, Joellen; Fair, Angela; Harbin, Bill; Harrison, April; Hawkins, Yolanda; Hawkins, Roy; Hudson, Rika; Hurley, Nancy; Johnson, Mary;; Lim, Lorrean; Muldrow, Vanessa; O’Bryan, Kathy; Prahalathan, Pat; Sirignano, Eric; Swinger, Sandra; Taylor-Strowder, Ora; Turner, Debra; Turner, Gary; Wheeler, Helen; Wilson, Deborah; Wilson, Faye; Woemmel, Clay; Young-Taylor, Geraldine

Senators absent (Excused): Brown, Annette; George, Elise; Lee, Bernadette; Moses, Sheila; Walsh, Elaine;

Senators absent (Unexcused): Ballard, Evell; Boyce, Susan; Cogdal, Pamela; Laney, Carol; Underwood, Bill;

The November meeting was held in the Panhellenic Building due to the demolition of the University Center. President Hurley called the meeting to order and asked if there were any questions/corrections/amendments to the October minutes.  The minutes were approved.

Executive Committee Reports

President’s Report: President Hurley gave an update on Paul Fitzgerald and asked for input on helping with the Paul Fitzgerald fund. The suggestion was made that the address/phone number be e-mailed to each senator and they can make the decision as to how they would like to help. President Hurley met with David Cox, Ed Stevens, and Janet Mitchell about combining Faculty Senate and Staff Senate office space.  This was determined not feasible at the present time, but Janet met with Ruthie Bassford and if the money can be found there may be an alternate solution.  The space behind the Faculty Senate office might possibly be restructured to accommodate the Staff Senate.  Pres Hurley gave the following brief report on the Admin Retreat she attended.  The main thrust this year is increasing retention and graduation rates and the amount of funded research.  The good news is that, per Charles Lee, the 2007 budget has no negative balance and state funding is up 3.8 %.  Tony Poteet presented the new Master Plan and a light at Innovation Dr and Central is being investigated.

Vice President’s Financial Report: No financial report. 

Secretary’s Report: Senator Wilson made one correction to the October minutes concerning the report on the First Friday Forum. The first paragraph should read Senator Debra Wilson rather than Senator Turner.

Membership Committee:  Senator Fitzgerald reported that we currently have 41 senators. After a brief discussion concerning the vacancies, the consensus was that the vacancies not be filled until the next election as every cluster has adequate representation.

Public Relations: Senator Channell reported that she sent a thank you note from the Staff Senate for the offer and use of the Presidents Sky Box for the Tiger basketball game tickets. Sen Channell announced the Food Drive would take place Dec. 4 -15.  Collection bins will be placed in several buildings; she asked for volunteers to monitor the bins.  She also gave a report on the search for Staff Senate pins with the new University logo, but as of yet a good quality pin with a legible logo and reasonably priced hasn’t been found.  She brought a couple of samples of pins to the meeting and after some discussion it was decided more intensive investigation was needed.  Senator Channel made the motion to table the search at this time; the motion was seconded by Senator Lim and carried.

Website Report: Senator Debra Turner reported that the website should be updated.  She asked that the Senators look at the site and, if any modification/corrections, to please contact her.

Election Committee: Senator Lim gave a report on the seats and the openings in different clusters.

Issues and Reviews: Senator Bekis reported a meeting has been scheduled for the 20th of November.

Legislative Advisory Committee: No Report

By-Laws Committee: Committee meeting is scheduled for next week.

University Wide Committees

Bookstore: No Report

Campus Safety and Security: No Report

Facilities and Services:  Senators Harbin and Carman reported that campus construction and additional parking was discussed at the meeting.  Sen. Harbin has created a map showing a walking trail and construction fencing around the U.C. and will e-mail to any senator per request.

Fee Refunds & Appeals: Brief report on the Nov 8th meeting, only had one appeal which was denied.

1st Year Experiences: No report

Food Services/Dining: Senator Bell reported via e-mail that the committee met Oct. 26 and the quote for the remodeling of tiger Den has been received. If the quote is approved promptly, renovations will take place over Christmas break.  Dining sales are up over last year and kiosks are in demand.  Einstein’s Bagels (a gourmet coffee shop with breakfast and lunch food) is being considered for the Library Learning Commons. There will no vending machines in the new UC.

IT Administrative Advisory:   No report

Policy Review Board: Senator Woemmel and committee met in Oct. and several policies were discussed: the Compensation Policy, Building Access, Key Control Policy and the Acceptable Use of Info Resource Policy.  These policies are being reviewed. There will not be a Policy Review meeting in November.

Presidents First Friday Forum: Senator (Debra) Wilson attended the meeting and the main discussion was parents concern that some of the 3 hour classes were not being kept for the full duration of the class.  The feeling was that classes could be compromised if that time span is not needed, but the primary concern of the parents is that academics not be compromised.  Instructors were urged to investigate and follow through with this concern.  The entrance to the University and Highland Street revitalization was discussed, along with the suspension policy which will be reviewed.

Public Records/Forms:

Space Planning: No report

Traffic & Parking: No report

New Business: Pres. Hurley announced that the Executive Committee met and after discussion the decision was made to take a vote at the monthly meeting to cancel the December Staff Senate meeting as it falls right before Christmas break. This was presented for feedback from the Senate and Senator Yolanda Hawkins made the motion that the December meeting be cancelled.  The motion was seconded by Senator Colburn and the vote was unanimous to cancel the December meeting.  The next meeting will be January 18.  Senator Sirignano suggested we have the January meeting in room 220 of Brister Hall.  Senator Johnson will check on the availability and notify the Senators before the January meeting.

Noise in Tiger Den was discussed but Sen. Carman talked with the Food Services Director and until the new UC is completed this will be an on-going problem.

Congratulations was extended to Senator Gary Turner on his graduation in December!

Senator (Faye) Wilson will invite Tony Poteet to present the Master Plan at the January meeting.

There were no further reports and the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Faye Wilson, Staff Senate Secretary

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