Staff Senate
Staff Senate Minutes
April 18, 1996

Absent: Maurice Williams, Claire Lowry, Richard Jones

Excused: Scott McClain, Hazel Haywood, Bernice Richardson, Susan Babb, Gloria Wyatt, Connie Diffee, Samuel Brackstone, Karen Thurmond, Pat Melton, Sandra Swinger, Sylvia Alexander, Colis Chambers

  1. A survey among the staff revealed that a Staff Lounge was not necessary at this time. 29 voted "No" and 11 voted "Yes". It was decided to not pursue to have a lounge designated for the staff at this time.
  2. Marcia Taylor, Chair, By-Laws Committee is investigating the problem of no representation in CFA, Engineering, and Business. She has met with staff in these colleges concerning this problem and is open to suggestions. One possible solution is to divide one of the larger divisions. There would possibly be a need to add more people, and when the plan is developed, the by-laws will need to be amended.
  3. CFA staff member, Kathy Kolby says to her knowledge, no one has been contacted by the By-Laws Committee to address the problem, continues to express concern that if someone in one of those colleges wants a problem addressed, that they have no representative to go to.
  4. A lengthy discussion/presentation was held on the effectiveness of the quorum, and if a number should be established. At the present time, a quorum is 50% of the membership. 75% must be present during a vote, and 17 people can change a by-law. Some senators feel this number is too low. Bill Akey agreed to join this committee and will help to develop some alternate solutions. A presentation will be made at the senate meeting to be voted on.
  5. The issue of parking after 4:30p for employees was revisited. As it stands, night access parking is available at $40 per semester on a "first come, first serve" basis. The Parking Office/University can't provide free access to the lots. A suggestion was made to allow an office to purchase a pass, and to offer reduced parking rates to employees. The Director of Parking will be invited to a future meeting to address these and other issues. It was reminded that Tiger Patrol is available until 1:00a for those who would like to be escorted to their cars safely, except during the summer.
  6. Merit raises were discussed and will be distributed at a probability of 3% this year. No decision has been made on how they will be distributed. The State will provide 2% increases and higher education institutions will have to provide the other 1%. A survey will be sent to the senators to ask for suggestions on how the raises can be distributed fairly. 1989 was the last time merits were issued. Unfilled positions will not be filled; the closing of Photo Services was not based on fund saving; and dropping enrollment affecting funding were among several University budget issues that were discussed.
Minutes respectively submitted by Veronica A. Vinson.
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