Staff Senate

April 18, 2002

Present:                  Jack Acor, Marcy Anderson, Sharon Banker, Pam Cash, Stein Cooperwood, Laura Edwards, Felicia Hartsfield, Virginia Huss, Lonnie Latham, Dee Luna, Amy Martin, Beverly McMillan, James Montague, Leslie Peach, Chris Powless, Hope Smith, Calvin Strong, Marcia Taylor, Dwayne Thompson, Tommy Towery, and Melody Weldon

Excused:                  Regenia Ayers, Susie Barnett, Kathy Cook, Senese Duhart, Rosemary Frix, Diana Humphrey, and Ed Orio

Absent:                  Dedrick Adell, Sharon Bumpus, Dianne Day, James Hudson, Ricky Paine, Patty Short, and Karen Wyman     

1.                  Call to order at 9:39

2.                  March minutes were approved as amended and passed with 0-no and 0-abstaining

3.                  Committee Reports:

Senate Committees

      Standing Committees:

Election:      Nomination is process is on-going.  On course for new members to be inducted at May meeting.

Finance:      Account balance is $4,811.  Senate voted and approved (0-no and 0-abstaining) an amount of $300 to be designated for election materials.

Issues:      When working late and you would like to have someone escort you to your vehicle, please contact Bruce Harbor.  The Issues and Review Committee is going to assist the Parking AdHoc Committee concerning parking along Walker and Zach Curlin.

Membership:      No Report

Web Site:            No Report

Public Relations:  No Report

Ad Hoc Committee:

Bylaws:      Revisions to be voted on will be forwarded to staff soon.

University Wide Committees:

Bookstore:            No Report

Facilities & Service:      No Report

Fee Refunds and Appeals:      No Report

Food Services and Dining:      No Report

IT Administrative Advisory Committee:  No Report

IT Planning and Policy Council:            There are 479 TAF lab computers being changed out.  The old computers will be available for roll down.

Public Records and Forms:      No Report

Public Safety:      No Report

Purchasing:      No Report

Safety Committee:            This committee as been combined with Public Safety.  Senator Banker made key points from the following:

In a special presentation, Lt. Mark Sparks with the Memphis Fire Department demonstrated and explained the functionality of an Automated External Defibrillator (AED).   Safety specialists are anticipating that in the near future OSHA will require that AEDs be available in the workplace, and the American Heart Association is already recommending it.  CPR training now includes AED training, and the equipment Lt. Sparks demonstrated is designed for use by a layperson.  It is fairly safe in wet conditions and easy to use due to the diagnostics and safety controls that are programmed into the equipment.  It will not allow you to shock the patient if the patient does not need the shock, e.g., has normal heart rhythm and rate.  The layperson would be covered under the Good Samaritan Act; police and fire personnel have qualified immunity as part of their job.  Lt. Sparks reports that several universities and university police departments are now equipped with AEDs.

The committee then discussed the information received, and appointed Al Simpson, Brad Frewin, and Bruce Harber to convene and create a formal recommendation for use of AEDs on The University of Memphis campus.

Next, Al Simpson gave the Environmental Health & Safety report.  They are still heavily involved in the fume hood project and other EH&S activity on campus.  He reported that the Radiation Safety Committee has not met, but the Chemical Hygiene Committee, under the leadership of Dr. Mel Beck, has been holding regular meetings.  Dr. Beck reported that they are conducting the annual review of the Chemical Hygiene plan and recommending changes.  Significant issues include (1) security for the chemical storeroom in Smith Hall, and (2) which physician or medical facility to contact in the event of faculty, staff, or student’s exposure or injury related to chemicals.  Mary Ann Camp agreed to clarify this process and give the information to Dr. Beck.

Gary Fortner then discussed activity in Employee Safety and Health.  He has redesigned the First Report of Injury or Illness form, and it is on the B&F Forms website.  Fortner has also analyzed the 5- and 10-year inspection schedules for the next five years as it relates to sprinkler systems, standpipes, and fire pumps in campus buildings.  He also reported that procedures for safe usage of 15-pasenger vans were developed in February, a response to reported increase in rollovers.  Last, an Exposure Control Plan for the Employee Wellness Program has been prepared and is awaiting approval.

Brad Frewin then reported on Physical Plant.  He stressed that there is emphasis being placed on safety measures for trenching and excavation work.  He is conducting training and awareness on this, and asked that if anyone sees any activity that looks unsafe or unprotected, to report it.  Excavations should be properly sloped, shored or shielded to meet safety standards.

This raised the question about the digging done by CERI, i.e., excavation to obtain soil samples for earthquake research.  Jose Pujol will inquire about the measures being taken there.

Bruce Harber then reported on Public Safety, including the robbery on South Campus earlier this month.  A Neighborhood Watch organizational meeting was scheduled for that night.  In summary, crime activity is down 42% compared to same time last year; Motor Vehicle Theft has been reduced due to emphasis on parking lot patrol; improved building lock-up has resulted due to assistance from Tiger Patrol; and the effectiveness of the watch towers in the Central and South Lots has been improved due to installing clear glass instead of tinted windows.

Next, Al Simpson reported on his committee’s recommendation for an Incident Command System as it relates to emergency evacuation of buildings.  Sheri Lipman, attorney, worked with the committee, and supports their recommendation.  Dr. Mel Beck made a motion to accept the recommendation, and Dr. Roger Lloyd seconded.  The motion carried.  Mary Ann Camp will present the procedure to Mr. Charles Lee for approval.  The Incident Command System, as recommended, is:

In order to effectively respond to and manage emergency incidents, the Director of Public Safety, or designee, shall serve as the University on-scene commander during such incidents.  If assistance of external public agencies is required, the Incident Command System (ICS) utilized by those agencies shall be observed.  External public agencies shall include, but not be limited to, the Memphis Fire Department, Memphis Police Department, and Federal Bureau of Investigation.  Upon termination of the external ICS, command shall revert to the Director of Public Safety.

Upon notification by responding external public agencies that the emergency is contained and that any evacuated buildings are suitable for re-occupancy, the Director of Public Safety, in consultation with appropriate authorities, shall determine when occupants will be allowed to re-enter those buildings.  Appropriate authorities may include, but not be limited to, Assistant Vice President for Physical Plant, Manager of Environmental Health and Safety, and Safety Officer, or their designees.  Occupants shall not be allowed to re-enter a building where there is visible smoke; in such situations, the fire department and/or Physical Plant will be requested to ventilate the structure prior to re-occupancy.

Brad Frewin reported the he inspected the Engineering Parking Lot as it relates to the unsafe and apparently nonfunctional island is obstructing flow of traffic.  He took photographs and has sent those to Ron Brooks in Physical Plant.  They have agreed to remove the island when scheduling permits.

Frewin also reported that he had received a report of unstable railings outside the University Center.  He said he would try to determine exactly where and what the problem is, as no one was aware of the problem.

Bruce Harber reported that the illegal parking on Veteran’s near the Pan Hellenic Building seems to be under control for the time being.  They will continue to monitor and enforce parking regulations on this street.

Gary Fortner reported that the meeting with the arena consultant has not yet been held due to scheduling problems.  He will report results after that meeting is held.

Fortner also reported on evacuation procedures and training:

  • 205 persons in 41 buildings have been selected as floor wardens
  • Only 10 building have no wardens, and they are the next priority for attention
  • Training is continuing, with two sessions held in February


  • Have all buildings fully staffed and trained with floor wardens
  • Written evacuation plans posted

As it relates to procedures for persons with disabilities, the training documents include how to address these situations.  However, this information is shared only with the Center for Students with Disabilities and not all disabled students are registered with the office.  That office also does not reach employees with disabilities.  Fortner agreed to provide Mary Ann Camp with the materials and a decision will be made on how to distribute this information broadly to students, faculty, supervisors, staff, etc.  She will also investigate to see if the information can be included in registration materials and websites.

Under New Business, Bruce Harber reported that he, Al Simpson, and Teresa Hartnett in the Business and Finance Office are working on a written plan for emergency preparedness, with the assistance from EMA.

Finally, Mary Ann Camp pointed out the University’s procedure on emergency closings requires that each administrative unit create a telephone communication system (telephone tree) whereby each manager contacts his or her staff members at home when the university make the decision to close.  It appears that this practice is not in wide use due to improvements in the media coverage and University Weather Telephone Line that employees can check on days with inclement weather.  The problem is that if there is an emergency on campus (example: a train derailment with a chemical spill), then the employee will not know to check to see if they should go to work.  The committee will discuss this procedure in more depth to insure there is clear understanding and support for this procedure.

Space Planning: No Report
Special Parking (Main):  The committee is looking into the parking situation along Walker.

Special Parking (South):   Informed the senate that the road conditions and lighting on South Campus Streets are being reviewed.  Also, they are looking into charging parking fees for South Campus.

Traffic & Parking:  No Report

UPDATE (President’s  Council):  Budget Hearings were presented.

New Business:

The University has a web site for how to get rid of computers.

Please attend the joint session with the Faculty and Student Senates this afternoon in FEC 123 at 2:30 p.m.  Dr. Raines will be addressing the senates.

Senator Edwards discussed the possibility of future Higher Education rallies.  More will come on these rallies.

Meeting adjourned at 10:51 a.m.

Next Meeting:        May 16, 2002 at 9:30 a.m. in UC 404 

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