Staff Senate

The University of Memphis
Staff Senate Minutes
April 15, 2004

Present:  Scott Beck, Paul Cade, Pam Cash, Diane Cooper, Shirley Cowley, Sherry Crone, Senese Duhart, Caryl Ann Gray, Linda Harris, Jean Honey, David Horan, Pamela Horvath, William Jason Jr., Carol Laney, Barbara Marese, Nancy Massey, James Montague, Benjamin Moore, Stephen Mosley, Flo O’Connor, James Rose, Hikmat Samaha, Marcy Sanford, Arlene Savage, David Schmitz, Nancy Stewart, Melody Weldon, Faye Wilson, Martha Woods

Absent: Debra Cummins, David Doyle, Laura Edwards, Brad Frewin, Samuel Hurst, Mary Lanier, Ginny Reed, Julia Rhodes, Candy Richardville,

  • The meeting was called to order and the sign-in sheet was circulated with a few guests present.  The minutes of the March meeting were approved with a motion and a second.
  • President Rose introduced our guest speaker: Mr. Charles Lee, Vice-President of Business & Finance. 

Several topics had been suggested to Mr. Lee and the informal discussion proceeded with questions and answers.  He reported that the criminal background checks are in place for everyone.  The web site has been updated reflecting this.

The budget was discussed.  Budget hearings are not held any longer, it is called the budget development process.  Everyone has the opportunity to submit what their needs are and they are presented to President Raines and the management team to determine how they will use it.  By law, The University has to have a balanced budget.

To reduce spending, open positions will be cut.  A deliberate effort is being made not to cut personnel. Each unit has been given targets and how they will take the cut.

The budget, detailed by line item, must be submitted by April 30 and no tuition increase is included.  The month of May timeframe we will know if tuition will increase, and hopefully, only by single digit.  When we look at the money we receive from the state for higher education per student currently, the student is contributing more than the state for the education.

Salary increases proposed by the governor will be a 1% - one time occurrence bonus and a 2% - across the board.  Nothing is specific as of now.  If extra dollars are put in there will be some merit raises.  This issue should be finalized by June 1. The University is market based for salaries not market driven.  We are state supported and are working toward being state assisted.  We must build relationships in the community to help achieve this.  Mr. Lee talked about the value of research grants and how those capabilities will help the future of The University of Memphis.

Outsourcing was explained and discussed.  We test ourselves with the outside workplace. 

Mr. Lee reported that a new department with a Director of Conference Operations will be created.  This is a new way of getting revenue and it is a good return on our resources.

There were several other questions and comments and Mr. Lee said to send him an

e-mail if you have any problems or want clarification of financial matters.


  • Legislative Advisory:  Senator Cade distributed a flyer stating the proposed TSEA budget amendment. This amendment will not affect the longevity pay. There was discussion on communication with the legislature.
  • Public Relations:  Senator Sanford, reported that the SGA will donate $1,000 to the Staff Appreciation Day.  Faculty senate did not act on this at their meeting.  She has received several donations for door prizes and there will be an Information Fair set up.  An e-mail will be sent for registration to attend and register for door prizes.  May 19th, 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., is the scheduled time at the Plaza or the UC Ballroom. 
  • Issues & Review: Senator Savage gave the following report:

Background checks is closed.

Parking at Prescott Church has been resolved.

Lateral moves will continue to be followed with Human Resources.

Childcare is still under investigation. 

  • Elections:  President Rose reported that nominations will be distributed through e-mail with that ballot being returned e-mail or actual paper by campus mail. The actual voting will be by paper ballot for confidentiality.
  • President Rose announced that the Staff Senate picture would be taken on the Flag Mall or if it is raining in the Administration Building.  Suggested date was April 20th.

The meeting was adjourned.

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