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April 2007 Minutes

The University of Memphis

Staff Senate Minutes - Thursday, April 19, 2007

Panhellenic - 101

9:30 AM

Senators present: Bekis, Barbara; Boyce, Susan; Brown, Annette; Busby, Hugh; Channell, Jessica; Fair, Angela; George, Elise; Harrison, April; Harbin, Bill; Hawkins, Roy; Hawkins, Yolanda; Hurley, Nancy; Johnson, Mary; Laney, Carol; Lee, Bernadette; Moses, Sheila;  Lim, Lorrean; Muldrow, Vanessa; O’Bryan, Kathy; Sirignano, Eric; Taylor-Strowder, Ora; Wheeler, Helen; Wilson, Deborah; Woemmel, Clay; Young-Taylor, Geraldine

Senators absent (Excused) Bell, Karen; Cantler, Ed; Dimond, Joellen; Prahalathan, Pat; Turner, Debra;  Walsh, Elaine; Wilson, Faye

Senators absent (Unexcused): Ballard, Evell; Colburn, Dorothy; Dimond, Joellen; Underwood, Bill

The April meeting was held in the Panhellenic Building with 25 senators present. President Hurley called the meeting to order and introduced Mr. Kenneth D Mulvany, a landscape architect with the Campus Planning + Design department. He presented a brief overview of the current master plan, including the new University Center, the Central Avenue and Southern/Walker tunnel projects, a new performing arts center where Richardson Towers now stands, increasing student housing on campus to 3,500 beds, new formal entry gateways for the University, the general direction of growth over the next five years, and how the Campus Master Plan is a fluid guideline across time that is in line with the long-term goals of the University as well as the Memphis community. A question and answer session followed. Final draft for approval will go to TBR in the next couple of months. For more information on the Master Plan, please contact Senator Harbin of Campus Planning + Design or visit the website at the following address:

Approval of Minutes

President Hurley called for and received approval of the minutes. Senator Sirignano mentioned that the date sent and formal results of the survey were not included in the March minutes. It was agreed upon by those present at the March meeting that the survey was to be sent to all Senators and an email vote be taken on whether or not to send. Enough votes were cast to have a quorum, and the motion passed, 19-1.

President Hurley called for a motion, it was moved by Senator Woemmel, seconded and the motion was passed by majority vote.

Old Business

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President Hurley followed up on the old business of Performance Appraisals brought before the senate over the past two months. She related that the issue had been investigated from several viewpoints and suggested we bring it to resolution. As the Staff Senate is not empowered to actually write policy and procedures, a letter of recommendation is to be sent to President Raines with President Hurley’s signature, detailing the background of this issue as well as the senate’s approved resolution. She then called for suggestions for wording the recommendation. Senator Bekis motioned the following recommendation, based on the TBR policy that states that anything may be appealed except a performance evaluation:

The process for resolving issue(s) related to a non-faculty performance evaluation should be written and available on the Human Resources website.

Senator Bekis also provided the present Senators with her resolution in writing. President Hurley called for the motion to be seconded and it was. Senator Boyce furthered discussion [unintelligible on tape] and more ensued regarding the enforcement of any new policy. To clarify the above recommendation, President Hurley and Senators Woemmel and Sirignano noted that the Senate is asking that HR have something written and available to all, in addition to the policy. It was suggested that we indicate that we want the policy or procedure to include either that you may not appeal, or the process by which non-agreement is tracked and documented. President Hurley called for specific re-wording of the recommendation to Dr. Raines, but we are under constraint not to use the term ‘appeal procedure,’ as the University does not have one and the Senate may not recommend specific policy items. Discussion on particular wording ensued. Senator Channell suggested we pursue a different avenue with our recommendation and ask for the positive promotion of supervisor training and promotion of the difference between the Performance Worksheet vs. Duties listed in job description as discussed by Mr. Lee. Senator Boyce added that we also recommend a plan of enforcement, at the policy board’s discretion, be put in place. No re-wording to this effect was proposed. President Hurley called the question regarding the wording of the recommendation and the motion was carried, 14-8 with 1 abstention.

Executive Committee Reports

President’s Report:

President Hurley announced that the Banner Implementation Team is now reviewing and approving requests for all new software and working on an online form that will incorporate the ASMP format. There is also a lot of sympathy for those involved in the Implementation process, they are aware of the stress and strains this has put on those involved.

The Strategic Planning Committee is working on a bottom-up strategic plan. The plan is to involve all departments in the formulation of the new plan.

Vice President’s Financial Report:  No change in budget.

Secretary’s Report: Senator Wilson was absent due to having a cast removed from a broken hand and Senator Channell took notes for the meeting.

Membership Committee:  Senator Lim will be sending out election ballots next week. Nominations have been collected.            

Public Relations: Senator Channell reported that the committee, with the help of Senator Cantler, was able to obtain a truckload of rubble from the UC site for distribution during Staff Appreciation Week. She followed up on the overall results of the Staff Appreciation Survey, stating that around 200 people responded and basically they voted for food and giveaways. Senator Channell also presented a handout presenting event details for Staff Appreciation Week and asked that she be notified with any objections or suggested changes. Vice President Johnson noted that Staff in the colleges may not be able to attend due to the events being planned for June 5-8, the first week of the first summer session. President Hurley suggested that Staff Appreciation Week to go forward as outlined in the plan. Senator Harbin suggested that the celebration be limited to one day.

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Website Report: No report

Election Committee: Senator Lim reported on this committee with the Membership report.

Issues and Reviews: No report

Legislative Advisory Committee: No Report

By-Laws Committee: No report

University Wide Committees

Bookstore: No longer a functional committee

Campus Safety and Security: No report

Facilities and Services:  Met last Tuesday and Senator Harbin has notes he will type up and send to everyone and he will give a report at the next meeting,

Fee Refunds & Appeals: No report

1st Year Experiences: No report

Food Services/Dining: No report

IT Administrative Advisory:  No report

Policy Review Board: No report 

Presidents First Friday Forum: Senator D. Wilson reported that campus crime was discussed due to the stabbing incident on campus and noted that Police Services are aggressively acting on that. It was also emphasized that we have a very safe campus and that this incident did not fit any profile or standard and that every possible precaution had been taken. Dr. Raines would like to encourage students and all on campus to not be on cell phones, ipods, and to pay attention to his/her surroundings. Also a pandemic contingency plan is in the works. Also discussed was the Honors Recognition Luncheon as well as the fact that catering for events is too expensive. Dr. Raines is also working on salary increases and we have approval for a 1%, and possibly a 2%, across the board increase; she is an advocate for our cause. Senator Wilson will be unable to attend the May 4 Forum; Senator Muldrow agreed to go in her place.

Public Records/Forms: No report

Space Planning: No report

Traffic & Parking: No report

New Business:   President Hurley is collecting donations to the Gary Carman Memorial Scholarship Fund. Please contact her if you wish to make a donation.

Respectfully submitted,

Jessica Channell,

PR Committee Chair

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