Staff Senate
August 2006 Minutes

The University of Memphis

Staff Senate Minutes for

Thursday, August 17, 2006

University Center - 404

9:30 AM

Senators present: Beacham, Melody; Bekis, Barbara; Boyce, Susan; Brown, Annette; Busby, Hugh; Cantler, Ed; Carman, Gary; Channell, Jessica; Colburn, Dorothy;  Dimond, Joellen; Fair, Angela; George, Elise; Harbin, Bill; Harrison, April; Hawkins, Roy; Hudson, Rika; Hurley, Nancy; Johnson, Mary; Lee, Bernadette; Laney, Carol; Lim, Lorrean; Moses, Sheila; Muldrow, Vanessa;  Sirignano, Eric; Swinger, Sandra; Taylor-Strowder, Ora; Turner, Debra; Turner, Gary; Wheeler, Helen; Wilson, Deborah; Wilson, Faye; Woemmel, Clay; Young-Taylor, Geraldine.

Senators absent (Excused): Evell Ballard, Karen Bell, Pam Cogdal, Peggy Fitzgerald, Sri (Pat) Prahalathan, Elaine Walsh.

Senators absent (Unexcused): Boyce, Susan; Claunch, Reba; Farrior, Deborah; Magueyal, Christina; Mayer, Elaine; O’Bryan, Kathy; Patey, Renee; Underwood, Bill

Minutes from the August 17, 2006 Meeting:  The meeting was opened with President Hurley welcoming and swearing in our two new senators, Hugh Busby and Eric Sirignano.


 Before the end of the meeting we had 26 senators present which made quorum, so new officers were nominated and voted on.  Senators were asked to volunteer for the remaining committees.

Executive Committee Reports

President’s Report: President Hurley attended the First Friday Forum and gave a brief report on the meeting which is held each month.  Central Avenue and the railroad situation was discussed.  The University has met with the city to discuss alternatives and finances; state and federal dollars are earmarked for the railroad improvements but the city is responsible for 1/3 of the project cost and, as of now, they are unable to come up with their financial part.  James Hudson from the Library is heading up a committee to develop an appeal process for non-faculty performance reviews.  He is working with the Human Resource department and will bring a report back to the Senate. All university employees are invited to attend as Dr. Raines is there to answer questions and for open discussion. President will not be able to attend the monthly meetings due to other conflicting responsibilities and she asked for a volunteer representative from the Staff Senate to attend the meetings and to report back to the Senate.  Senator Deborah Wilson volunteered to represent the Senate at the monthly meetings but will be unable to attend the September meeting so Jessica Channell volunteered to attend in her absence.

Vice President’s Financial Report: Vice President Johnson gave the financial report and no monies have been spent since the last meeting and we have a balance on hand of $1,347.33.  The parking pass for use by the Senate was not renewed this year which is a savings of $325.00

Secretary’s Report: Senator Wilson thanked the senators for their response in notifying her of their absenteeism and also expressed thanks to Bill Harbin for his help with the name cards.

New Business:  Senator Faye Wilson asked if amendments to the minutes should be made in the following senate meeting, or when / how the senate would prefer being notified of additions, corrections or new information.  The general consensus was notification by e-mail.

Eric Sirignano expressed concern about water damaged ceiling tiles in Wilder Tower which is coming from the 3rd floor and the safety issue involved with falling tiles.  President Hurley asked that he take this to the Issues/Review committee for investigation and report back to the Senate.

Senator Deborah Wilson expressed concern about a parking problem in Fogelman parking garage.  Over sized trucks and vans parked in the garage block the view of on-coming traffic for commuters.  They cannot see cars trying to back out or on-coming traffic as they are attempting to exit or park.  The suggestion was made that parking on a higher level or have designated parking spaces might help alleviate the problem.  The Issues and Review committee will investigate this.

A complaint of slow response of work orders was addressed by Senator Harbin.   He stated that Physical Plant had a very good, workable Web site and work orders can be filled out on line.

Senator Channell talked with a Faculty Senate representative who informed her The Staff Senate now has a new logo and the old SS pins will no longer continue to be used.  She will check into the price for new pins. 

Election of Officers

The following senators were nominated and elected as officers for the following positions:

Membership Coordinator: Senator Lim reported that we have 47 senator positions filled.  A few clusters are unfilled. 

Public Relations Coordinator: Senator Channell gave a report on the Warm Welcome/Student Move-in and encouraged anyone interested in volunteering to help to attend the luncheon/sign up in Richardson Towers.  This is assisting incoming students and their parents with their move-in.

Website Coordinator: Senator Turner reported that the logo change affects stationary only and not our website.   Faculty Senate is very impressed with our website and plan to implement their site accordingly.

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Volunteers for Senate Committees

Election Committee:  Senator Lim reported that (4) vacant seats have been filled but we still have several unfilled in Physical Plant and (1) in cluster G.  She asked for direction in how to handle these vacancies.  A motion was made by Senator Brown to leave these positions unfilled.  Senator Boyce seconded the motion and the motion carried.

Issues and Reviews: No report. Gary Carmen, Peggy Fitzgerald; Barbara Bekis, Eric Sirignano make up this committee and President Hurley expressed a need for each committee to meet and elect a person to serve as chair of their committee.

Legislative Advisory Committee: No report from committee, but two more senators were needed to serve on the committee; Susan Boyce and Eric Sirignano volunteered.

By-Laws Committee:  As President, Senator Hurley will chair this committee. She expressed a desire to have someone serve as President Elect at least 2-3 months prior to the new term.  She will meet with Senator Clay Woemmel and Senator Harrison in the near future to discuss the by-laws as they are too cumbersome.  The meeting will probably meet after the first of the year.

University Wide Committees:  No reports from the standing committees as meetings will begin in September.

Bookstore: No Report

Campus Safety and Security:

Senator Gary Turner asked that everyone be aware of the new red curbs which are designated fire lanes. These are for emergency vehicles only and you will incur a ticket if parked in these areas.  He also reported that new legislation has been passed stating that there are no longer designated smoking areas in any of the buildings on campus and smoking is prohibited within 20 ft. of any state owned building.

Facilities and Services: No report

Fee Refunds & Appeals: Angela Fair, Bernadette Lee

1st Year Experiences: Debra Turner

Food Services/Dining: Karen Bell, No report

IT Administrative Advisory:  No report

Public Records and Forms: No report

Space Planning: No report

Traffic & Parking: Ed Cantler, Annette Brown

Old Business:  Senator Swinger had left over prizes from the last Staff Appreciation Day so tickets were distributed and a drawing was held for the prizes.

There was no further business and the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Faye Wilson

Staff Senate Secretary

P.S.  If you plan to be absent for the September meeting, please notify President Hurley as I will be out of the office Sept 15 – 23.  Thank you and I will see you at our October meeting.

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