Staff Senate

Staff Senate Meeting Minutes

August 15, 1996

Absent: Glenda Barton, Steve Canaday, Kenneth Clark, Mike Rhodes, Vernon Spence, and Karen Thurmond

Excused: Charlie Black, Connie Diffee, Harry Flowers, Verlinda Franklin, Russell Hunt, Bill Landsen, Ched Lefleur, Joanne Lippy, Ronnie Logan, Janice Morganfield, Tommie Polk, Ginny Reed, and Cornelius Stump.

  1. The meeting was called to order and an attendance sign in sheet was passed around in lieu of roll call.
  2. The minutes for the July meeting were amended and approved.
  3. The new senators were installed.
  4. Committee reports:
  5. Finance Committee:
    The budget for FY 96/97 is still uncertain. Jim Lippy will be following up with Dr. Frank Goldberg from the President's Office.
    Election Committee:
    The newly elected Staff Senators are: Patricia Taylor and Kathy Kolby from the Provost's division, and Linda Hall from Student Affairs/Enrollment Services. The Provost's division returned 236 of 551 ballots (43%), while the Student Affairs/Enrollment Services division returned 82 of 224 (37%). Patricia Taylor will be serving the remainder of a one year term, while Kathy Kolby and Linda Hall will each be serving the remainder of a two year term. Congratulations!
    Issues/Review Committee:
    Within the next week a letter shall be going to Dr. Sidney McPhee, Vice Provost for Academic Affairs, regarding the Campus School Admittance Policy and Procedures as they relate to University staff. Also attached to the aforementioned letter will be a memorandum received from a staff senate constituent referencing a personal experience with the Campus School policy.
    Ad-Hoc Bylaws Committee:
    No report.
    Ad-Hoc Election Procedures, Provost Division:
    No report.
  6. Old Business:
    • Jim Lippy and Flo O'Connor met with Charlotte Knowles, Compensation Manager, on July 23rd. Two basic issues were discussed: 1) Why the need for salary caps? and 2) What happens to long term, good employees who are at the cap when salary increases are given?

    • Ms. Knowles explained that in the basic principles of compensation, there are established minimums and maximums for each position. She also indicated that this was used as a means for the employer to control the total salary expenditure. We, being a state-funded institution, will almost assuredly always have caps. The compensation study, which should be completed this calendar year, will hopefully define the market we are in. The market should be analyzed on a yearly basis, and the caps adjusted accordingly, based on the availability of funds. Therefore, an employee who is at the cap might have the opportunity to receive an increase if the cap is raised based on yearly analyses.

      The Staff Senators indicated that it would be advisable if all employees were informed of their pay category and its minimum and maximum. We appreciate the honesty and concern shown by Ms. Knowles in our discussion.

    • 401(k) Plan - There are still serious concerns regarding the 401(k) plan. A staff senator posed the question _ What criteria/factors determine when we (University of Memphis employees) are and are not state employees? The question will be routed to the proper office and the information received will be shared with the staff senate body.
    • The Bursar's office will continue to cash checks. (It had been announced previously that this service would be discontinued.)
  7. New Business:

  8.  Jim Lippy discussed and stressed the importance of attending senate meetings, particularly with upcoming February elections. Jim announced that he would be sending out a personal attendance record to each Staff Senator for informational purposes.

  9. The meeting was adjourned. The next meeting is scheduled for September 19, 1996.
Minutes respectfully submitted by Colis Chambers
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