Staff Senate
August 21, 1997

Staff Senate Meeting Minutes

August 21, 1997

Absent: Susan Babb, Charlie Black, Sam Brackstone, Kenneth Clark, Clyde Corley, Ray Craft, Connie Diffee, Hope Eubanks, Linda Hall, Hazel Haywood, Janice Hines, Russell Hunt, Helen Johnson, David Medlock, Pat Melton, Flo O'Connor, Michelle Stout, Cornelius Stump, Patricia Taylor, Gloria Wyatt

Excused: Dianne Cooper, Kimberly Edgar, Kathy Kolby, Bill Lansden, Ched LeFleur

  1. The meeting was called to order by Vice-president Ginny Reed and roll was called.
  2. The agenda was approved, but copies of the the minutes for the July meeting were not available, and will be amended or approved in September.
  3. Certificates of appreciation were given to outgoing senators: Susan Babb, Colis Chambers, Barbara Charpie, Kenneth Clark, Clyde Corley, Russell Hunt, Helen Johnson, Ched LeFleur, Jim Lippy, David Medlock, Pat Melton, Flo O'Connor, Cornelius Stump, Sandra Swinger, and Gloria Wyatt.
  4. New, returning, and existing senators took or re-affirmed the Staff Senator Pledge.
  5. Nominations and elections were held for the Staff Senate officers. The following are the results:
  6. President: Ginny Reed
    Vice-president: Harry Flowers
    Secretary: Pam Cash
    Senate Coordinator of Membership Information: Sherry Crone

  7. Committee reports:
  8. Finance Committee:
    We have our budget for the new year. It primarily goes to cover copying and mailings for the Senate.
    Election Committee:
    A resignation has left a seat open in Student Affairs. The person with the next highest number of votes will be offered the seat.
    Issues/Review Committee:
    Ad-Hoc Bylaws Committee:
    A new chair still needs to be appointed.
    HR Sub-committee:
    A follow-up memo to Dr. Frank Goldberg about changes in staff composition information has been sent.
    Standing Committee Reports:
    Operation Feed update by Maurice Williams

    The Operation Feed celebrations for the winning department and offices will take place during Fall break to allow the most people to attend.

  9. Old Business: None.
  10. New Business:
    • A Staff Senate representative for a bookstore committee is needed. Anyone wishing to volunteer should contact Ginny Reed.
    • A staff member wishing to sign up to for use of the athletic facilities was quoted the full annual rate for just a few months. An inquiry will be made as to why the fee isn't pro-rated for those wishing to join at times other than the beginning of the Fall semester.
  11. President's Remarks: Ginny Reed thanked all outgoing, returning, and new Senators for their work with the Senate.
  12. The meeting was adjourned. The next meeting is scheduled for September 18, 1997.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Harry Flowers

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