Staff Senate

Staff Senate Meeting Minutes

August 17, 2000

Present: Helen Awsumb, Regenia Ayers, Jennifer Baker, Susie Barnett, Ruthie Bassford, Sharon Bumpus, Gary Carman, Pam Cash, Kathy Cook, Marie Dockter, Senese Duhart, Laura Edwards, John Ferrell, Lorene Flowers, Rosemary Frix, Brenda Fuller, Jennifer Joyner, Barbara Marese, Amy Martin, Becky McCoy, John Melton, James Montague, Edward Orio, Cathy Philpot, Chris Powless, Jim Selbe, Patty Short, James Singleton, Vanessa Smith, Marcia Taylor, Teresa Weaver, Maurice Williams, Fay Wilson

Absent: Jack Acor, Sally Andrews, Sherry Crone, Rick Forrester, Mark Green, Mary Harris, Diana Humphrey, Richard Jones, Larry Mayes, Ricky Paine, Michelle Stout

Excused: Virginia Huss, Ronald MacDonald, Jann Mayes, Beverly McMillan, Janice Morganfield, Jane Orcholski
1. Meeting was called to order at 9:31 AM

2. Roll called.

3. President Kathy Kolby welcomed the new senators.  There was a discussion regarding the search for President of the University.  Kathy will continue to serve on the search committee.

4. Approval of July minutes.

5. Installation of new senators and pledge.

6. Committee Reports:

Finance:   Maurice Williams reported the budget process at the University is almost completed.  A printout should be available around the 28th of this month.  The Staff Senate is asking for a budget of $5000.00 to be allocated.  This would be for telephone installation and service in the Staff Senate Office, duplicating charges, student worker pay, and a travel budget.  If approved, $1600.00 would carry forward and that would give the Senate $6,600.00 to operate.  We are requesting that if there is an impoundment, that the Senate not be required to participate.

Election:   Glenda Barton- no report

The By-Laws have been revised to allow the senate to have better representation. Jennifer Joyner suggested that areas that have more than one senator get with the other senators for that area and decide who will represent which employees.  She also suggested that employees use e-mail to communicate with employees.  The issue of not having representation in specific colleges or areas was brought up.  It was discussed that there is a problem with the lack of people voting.

Issues & Review: Jennifer Joyner reported Human Resouces was contacted regarding the discontinuation of having door prizes at Libertyland Night. They will look into this in the near future.

The Committee has contacted Human Resources regarding the Dental Plans offered. There are currently two plans: Plan I and Plan II.  Plan I is a 25% discount plan.  Plan II is a Preferred Dental Plan. If you enroll, you are not eligible to be activated until January and it does not cover pre-existing for the first year of premiums. After that, it pays 50% and there are set fees for services. There is a list of dentists to use. Employees may contact Benefits for more information.

The issue was addressed regarding the increase in annual leave for bi-weekly employees after 15 years. This was brought up to TBR and they rejected making change in this policy.
Ad Hoc By-Laws: There will be a vote on the revisions to the By-Laws next month.  The Senators were asked to read over the By-Laws.  Nominations for officers will also be next month.

Standing Committees:

  • Facilities & Services- Gary Carman-  no report
  • Traffic & Parking- Michelle Stout- no report
  • Safety- James Singleton- annual report for 1999-2000 was distributed. Public Safety reports there was a rise in auto thefts on campus last fall and actions have been taken to curtail crime in general.  There are CompStat Meetings held each Friday to update the University community on crime in the Central Precinct as well as on our campus.  A Wellness Fair was held last fall at the Field House.  Fume Hood Improvement Project has received $3.875 million in capital funding for replacement/repair of laboratory fume hoods.  There has been continued emphasis on safety training in the areas of blood born pathogens, office ergonomics, laboratory safety, emergency evacuations, etc.  There is continued concern regarding pedestrian safety on Central Ave.
  • IT Planning & Policy Council- Michelle Stout- no report
  • IT Administrative Advisory Committee- Marie Dockter- no report
  • Space Planning- Marie Dockter- no report
  • Bookstore- Carolyn Zoccola- no report
  • Food Services & Dining Committee- no report
  • Public Records- Jane Orcholski- no report
  • Fee Refunds & Appeals- Beverly McMillan- no report
  • UPDATE Meeting- Cathy Philpot- no report
7. Old Business:    The Staff Senate pins have been ordered.

President Faudree has suggested a sliding fee for the Campus Recreation Center.  The motion on the floor for the Staff Senate to suggest a boycott of the Campus Recreation Center was withdrawn.

8.  New Business: Some type of event is being planned- possibly an open forum or reception.

A Public Relations Committee has been formed to allow the Senate better representation.  This committee was established to get information out.  It will be responsible for writing articles and see they are published in the Helmsman, etc.  Chris Powless accepted the position of chair for this committee.

The Career Associates have contact the Staff Senate regarding supporting Staff Appreciation Day, which is scheduled for September 20.  This will be for faculty and staff.  If anyone would like to donate items for door prizes, contact Patty Simonton.

9.  President’s Remarks: Vice President, Maurice Williams, reported that steps are being taken to change the Office of Human Relations and Diversity and how it reports.  Maurice asked that the Senators discuss next month what the role of this office should be.  The Faculty Senate will also be asked to discuss this issue.  A survey will be going out in September to students, faculty, and staff to get feedback as to what the “real problems” in this area are.

10. Meeting was adjourned at 10:31 AM.

Next scheduled meetings:  September 21, 2000- Nomination and election of officers & October 19, 2000

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