Staff Senate

Staff Senate Meeting Minutes

August 2003

Present: Scott Beck, Leslie Bowen, Paul Cade, Gary Carman, Pam Cash, Diane Cooper, Shirley Cowley, Sherry Crone, Debra Cummings, Senese Duhart, Laura Edwards, Frances Frazier, Mary Haddock, Sharon Harber, Linda Harris, Samuel Hurst, David Horan, William Jason Jr., Nancy Massey, James Montague, Benjamin Moore, Stephen Mosley, Shelia Ogburn, Cathy Philpot, Barbara Pugh, Candy Richardville, James Rose, Marcella Sanford, Arlene Savage, Drew Schmitz, Nancy Stewart, Faye Wilson, Martha Woods

Absent: Kelly Daniels, Verlinda Franklin, Brad Frewin, Maria Graham, Caryl Gray, Jean Honey, Pamela Horvath, Chris Kilpatrick, Carol Laney, Laruth Lofties, Barbara Marese, Flo O’Conner, Virgina Reed, Julia Rhodes, Hikmat Samaha, Calvin Strong, Addie Stump, Melody Weldon,  

1. Call to order 9:40am

2. Roll call (Quorum noted) Sign in sheet passed around

3. July 2003 minutes were approved as amended with a 0-no and 0-abstention vote.

4. Financial Report: VP Diane Cooper is working at the Dorm move in getting the water ready for the new students and soon as she returns he will allow her to give her report.

5. Pres Rose asked if there were any Senators who were not getting his emails and Sharon Harber mentioned she wasn’t and he got her email because no one is being left out on purpose.  

6. Pres Rose stated he would like to say thank you to the Executive Board, Senators, and Physical Plant volunteers for helping with the dorm move in today, which is probably the reason why some of the Senators are not present.

7. Pres Rose stated there are a few that are interested in serving on 2 or 3 committees and he appreciates their interest and hard work in the Staff Senate however, he is going to try and get more Senators, not just a few, to work on different committees so all Senators will be able to give their all on which ever committee they are working on or with.

8. Pres Rose stated he has received a lot of emails and telephone calls from some Senators who are looking forward to working with the 2003-2004 Staff Senate and he appreciates every one who made contact with him.

9. Pres Rose stated if he knows of any Staff Senate committees that exist he will nominate  Senators to be placed on them however, if he is not aware of the committees he will not. For Example, the South Campus Parking Committee, he is not aware of it existence and he will not nominate any Senators to be on it however, if he finds out it does exist he will nominate Senators to it at a later date and time.

10. Pres Rose stated Tanya Groves from Mr. Charles Lee’s office sent his an letter stating his request for nominations for the following Committees as listed:

Fee Refund & Appeals: Sherry Crone or William Jason Jr.

Appointments to Mr. Charles Lee’s Office:

Facilities & Services:Gary Carman

Public Records: Hikmat Samaha

Campus Safety & Security:Steve Mosley

Traffic & Parking Authority:Melody Weldon

Other Appointments:

IT Administrative Advisory: Cathy Philpot

Space Planning: Nancy Stewart

Chairperson Appointments:

Legislative Advisory Chair:Paul Cade

Appointed members:

Laura Edwards

Frances Frazier

Benjamin Moore

Election Chair: Senese Duhart

Appointed members:

Barbara Pugh

Sharon Harbor

Issues Review Chair:David Horan

Appointed members:

Shirley Cowley

Candy Richardville

Arlene Savage

Faye Wilson

Martha Woods

Finance Chair:Diane Cooper

Appointed members:

Sherry Crone

Caryl Gray

Pres Rose stated he expects each member to attend their committee meetings and to get  fully involved in their committee’s processes. If for any reason you do not want to serve on your committee let him know and he will find a replacement. There will be times when you are asked to assist in a special project from some of the committees so if you are not on a committee at the present time please volunteer your time if you are called upon to assist your fellow Senators.

Pres Rose stated Chairperson Cade and himself will meet with Kevin Roper, Executive Asst Government Affairs and Mark Stansbury, Asst to the President-Community of the President’s Office, and discuss some issues and items that the Staff Senate can help them out with. Pres Raines has given her approval of these meetings and suggested we meet as well to discuss her concerns and the Staff Senate. This committee is not listed in the by-laws and does not have a set number of meetings to have but it is a very important committee to the Senate as the other committees.  

Pres Rose stated the Election committee will have a seat or two to fill and will need to get started as soon as possible to them filled. Chairperson Duhart will need to meet with Sec Frazier and Membership Coordinator Bowen to get the lists together and decide who need to be replaced.

Pres Rose stated the Issues & Review committee have a lot of work ahead of them and will discuss items of importance to the Staff and report back to the Senate. There were some past members who are not interested in serving this year but showed interest in other committees. Chairman Horan asked for volunteers and will send out emails later.

Pres Rose stated the by-laws states the Finance Committee can have 3-4 members serve and if there are any new members who are interested please let him know.

Senator from floor stated that Senator Gray email is not available and would like to serve on the Issues & Review committee Pres Rose stated he did have communication with Senator Gray and have another committee he would like for her to serve on.

Pres Rose stated all the Senate committees are important and the Chairpersons will get with their committee members and go over details. 

Senator Cooper gave her finance report as listed:

Start balance:  $8,170.14

Ending balance: $7,996.00 after paid bills for water, telephone, and stationary/cards.

Pres Rose stated he received information on an increase in insurance of 7-9% for PPO, POS, AENTA of Nashville and Memphis will get more detail information and pass on the Senate.

Senator Crone stated the new increases would be deducted from your December checks as normal.

Senator from the floor stated if we could get in touch with Blue Cross/Shield and mention to them they can save money on paper if they could stop sending out notices every time we visit the pharmacy/doctor.

Senator from the floor stated that may be a good thing because if we wasn’t the one who used the insurance we need to know about it.

Pres Rose stated that can be an issue each employee may have to take up with their insurance company.

Pres Rose stated remember the Dorm move in today and would like for Senators to volunteer some of their time in helping out. Staff Senate did donate water and they are being handled by some Senators and Senator Strong and other volunteers of the Physical Plant Department.

Senator from the floor asked where are the stands for water located for them to volunteer and Pres Rose stated they are located in the Dorms the Freshmen are moving into and we can go to Richardson Towers and they will have a list of things they need assistance in helping the students move in. He appreciates our help and support. Some of the Senators that is not present today is volunteering their time. 

Pres Rose stated in the future he is planning on having shorter and organized meetings in the future. He appreciates all the Senators and we all make a difference in how this Senate is operated, not just one person makes the decisions we all do together. Everything we do makes a difference we may not receive everything we ask for but we tried to do the best we can and let our voices be heard. We have to keep a positive attitude and we all make a difference! President Raines is willing to listen to our concerns and is very interested in what we have to say. President Raines wants us to stay in touch with Kevin Roper and Mark Stansbury so we can keep in touch with what’s going on and they can give us needed information to assist the Senate and the Staff. Pres Rose stated we are lucky to have President Raines for our President. We have a chance to make a difference and let’s make a positive difference for the Staff and the Senate.

11. Committee Reports:

Election:   Senator Duhart: Will meet soon to get started on the next election.

Finance:   Senator Cooper:

Issues Review:   Senator Horan:  No meeting yet but still working on finding out if there are raises if you receive professional and academic certification.

Pres Rose he was told that there is no need for this investigation however, he believes if it’s an concern to the Staff it’s worth looking into and if you did not get his emails about the findings of the project for Central Ave please let him know and he will share it with you.

Membership:   Leslie Bowen :  No Report.

Public Relations:   Gary Carmen: No Report.

Web Site:   Carol Laney   No report.  Our web address is


   Legislative Advisory Committee: Paul Cade: No Report

By-laws:   Pres Rose: Stated to recycle the old by-laws from July 17, 2003 to replace them with the new ones printed out by the membership Coordinator Senator Bowen who did an excellent job in getting them printed out. If you did not receive a copy please let the Secretary know and she will get you a copy. 


Campus Safety and Security – Steve Mosley –  No report

Facilities and Services Committee – Gary Carman – No Report

   Fee Refunds and Appeals – Sherry Crone or William Jason Jr – No Report

   Food Services and Dining – Senese Duhart – No Report

IT Administrative Advisory Committee – Senator Philpot: No Report– Senator Stewart stated sheattended the last meeting and a new CIO Director has been hired, Doug Hurley,  the Regent online degree program has been awarded to The U of M, Resource 25, a new calendar have been set up and look for more information on that in the near future. 
Administration will get new applications but the bids will have to go out on who will do the work so it may be another year or so. 

   Presidents Council – James Rose – No Report

   Public Records and Forms – Hikmat Samaha – No Report

   Purchasing (Special Committee only activated when needed)

Space Planning – Nancy Stewart – No Report

Traffic and Parking – Melody Weldon: – No Report- Senator Beck stated lights in garage needs to be repaired, Senator Pugh stated an order has already been put in to get the lights repaired that’s not working.

12. Old Business: No Report

13.New Business: Senator Savage stated remember the Wilder Tower will have their dedication today, Janet Mitchell from the President’s Office stated the date has been   changed to Monday at 5:00p.m.Senator Cowley stated do anyone know what’s going on with the church parking on Patterson and across from Wilder Tower. Senator from floor stated plans have not been finalized yet.Adjournment at 10:30am

Next Meeting: September 18, 2003 at 9:30 a.m. in McWhether Library Room 226 

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