Staff Senate

Staff Senate Meeting Minutes

August 2004

Present:  Mitch Barham, Scott Beck, Jeanett Ballentine, Karen Bradley, Harry Bungard, Brenda Butler, Joseph Ciavarella, Shannon Diamond, Carolyn Featherstone, Caryl Ann Gray, Clairressa Goad, Diana Humphrey, Virginia Huss, Penni Istre, William Jason Jr., Patsy Krech, Lorrean Lim, James McArthur, Torrence McKnight, Beverly McMillan, Barbara Marese, C.E. Mason, Nancy Massey, James Montague, Benjamin Moore, Sheila Moses, Stephen Mosley, Flo O’Connor, Melodie Patterson, Vickie Peters, Rebecca Scott, Melody Weldon, Faye Wilson, Martha Woods, Janet Mitchell

Absent:  Susan Acerra, Barbara Bekis, Paul Cade, Ashley Cates, Amanda Clarkson, Ruby Copeland, Lee Dimond, Ginny Reed, Marcy Sanford, Annette Webb

The meeting was called to order by President Ciavarella and welcomed all Senators. The sign-in sheet was circulated.

President Ciavarella led the induction of all new Senators that were not present at the last meeting with the recitation of the Staff Senate Pledge.

  • The President presented the working guidelines for the Senate meetings.  The Senate will follow Roberts Rules of Order.  Senators were asked to please use the microphone when speaking as it is very difficult to hear in the Senate chambers.  Motions need to be made clear and concise and must have a second. If there is no second the motion dies at that point and can be brought before the Senate at another time. Approximately five (5) minutes will be allotted for presentation and three (3) minutes for support of a motion and then a vote.  Most votes will be by hand count.  There will always be time for announcements but they need to be brief.


  • IT and WEB page – Senator Beck gave an overview of the IT Advisory Committee which discusses issues related to any area to IT Administrative Policy.  You can go to the IT web site and get information. He is beginning to work on updating the Staff Senate Web page.
  • Membership – Senator Moses reported that she is working with Human Resources in  updating the rosters for the different clusters.  It is time consuming.  She also requested that an Election chairman is needed.
  • Public Relations – Senator McKnight asked for volunteers to work on this committee for Staff Appreciation Day and the Food Bank Drive.  If you have any suggestions for dates and any other ideas or want to volunteer, please let him know.
  • Secretary – Senator Gray asked that all senators please check your e-mail boxes and keep them opened as this is how she and President Ciavarella will contact you.  Sign-in sheets are circulated at every meeting. She has purchased the Tent Panel Cards for the name plate cards from Corporate Express and has printed one for each senator. 
  • Financial – In the absence of Senator Huss, President Ciavarella reported that as of August 14, 2004, there is a balance of $4,330 in the Staff Senate account.
  • President Ciavarella introduced Janet Mitchell, Assistant to the President Office Operations.  The Executive Committee met with Dr. Raines in August and he reported that she is absolutely willing to listen to issues we bring to her.  President Raines will be our guest speaker at the October meeting.  If you have a topic that you would like for her to address, please let President Ciavarella know.  He asked for suggestions on speakers and topics at the Senate meetings.  We still need a chairman and committee members for the Election.  The By-Laws state that if you are up for re-election you cannot be on this committee.
  • Old Business –  Committee Appointments

Finance:                                  Virginia Huss - Chair

                                                Lorrean Lim

                                                Shannon Diamond

                                                Mitch Barham

Issues & Review:            Faye Wilson – Chair

                                                Penni Istre

                                                Bev McMillan

                                                Martha Woods

                                                Karen Bradley

                                                Melody Weldon

Election:                             VACANT – Chair

                                                All seats VACANT

Legislative Advisory:   Carolyn Featherstone – Chair

                                                Paul Cade

                                                Shelia Moses

                                                Jeanett Ballentine

                                                Diana Humphrey

                                                Shannon Diamond

                                                Brenda Butler

                                                Barbara Marese


Bookstore:                                              Bev McMillan & Karen Bradley

Campus Safety:                                    Stephen Mosley

Facilities & Services:                         Virginia Huss & Penni Istre

Fee Refunds & Appeals:                    Bill Jason & Bev McMillan

First Year Experience:                       Melodie Patterson & Patsy Krech

Food Services/Dining:                        Ginny Reed & Carolyn Featherstone

IT Administrative Advisory:              Vicki Peters & Mitch Barham

Public Records & Forms:                   Becky Scott & Barbara Marese

SACS Enhancement:                          Karen Bradley

Space Planning:                                  Nancy Stewart

Traffic and Parking:                        Melody Weldon & Becky Scott

  • New Business – There was a lengthy discussion on the length of the Senate meetings.  It was moved and seconded that they be for one hour unless an important issue is before the group and the meeting will be extended with those who have to leave being permitted to do so. President Ciavarella encouraged as many of the senators participate in the Fall 2004 Student Move-in Assistance on August 26th and 27th.  It was announced that the Staff Senate had been asked to help with the cost of water for this event.  It was moved and seconded that we allocate $400 to the purchase of bottled water for the Student Move-In.

The next meeting will be September 16, 2004.  The meeting was adjourned by a motion and second.

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