Staff Senate

Staff Senate Meeting Minutes

December 21, 1995

Absent: Ronnie Logan, Gloria Wyatt, Janet Mitchell, Sam Brackstone, Steve Canady, Verlinda Franklin, Sylvia Alexander, Helen Claire R. Johnson, and Janice Morganfield

Excused: Scott McClain, Bill Akey, Ched LeFleur, Flo O'Connor, Paul Stanfield, Pat Green, Virginia Reed

  1. Mr. Lippy said the agenda and minutes will be sent to all 1500 staff members. Mr. Lippy said to call him with any changes prior to the meeting.
  2. Ms. Vinson announced roll call.
  3. November 16 minutes corrections are as follows: Item 15 should read Reed. Last bullet item under "Announcements" should be amended with statement distributed by Mr. Lippy. Item 12, "Susan Babb" is noted twice. Minutes were approved with these corrections.
  4. The $1,000 budget has been approved to be used for the remainder of the year. It should cost approximately $142.00 for monthly mailings.
  5. The Election Committee had no information to report.
  6. The issues Review Committee met on December 1st, and plans to meet every third Friday at 10:00 am.
  7. The By-Laws Committee had no information to report. Marcia Taylor, Chair, is still in need of volunteers for this committee. The issue of no representation in Communication & Fine Arts still needs to be resolved.
  8. Beginning in January, the monthly meetings will be held in RM 225-B, Ned McWherter Library. The room is located to the right in periodicals.
  9. The Purchasing Department needs a senator to serve on a committee to examine a new office products contract proposal. Karen Thurmond volunteered to serve. The Purchasing Department has relocated to the Old Brister Library Building.
  10. Ms. Tommie Polk mentioned the possibility of forming a free Wellness Program to help prevent absenteeism. This suggestion will be investigated by the Issues/Review Committee. The Department of Human Resources is also working on offering a similar type program.
  11. Dr. Jim Penrod, Vice President for Information Systems will address the full Senate at the January meeting for 15-20 minutes on the new systems currently being installed on campus, such as voice mail, etc.
  12. Mr. Sam Long, Vice President for Advancement, will address the full Senate at the March meeting to give information on the status of his department.
  13. Mr. Lippy is open to suggestions for agenda items that are of interest to the senators for future meetings.
  14. Mr. Tony Poteet(Physical Plant), Roger Fowler(Security), and Diane Hale(Parking Office) will be featured speakers for future meetings.
Minutes respectfully recorded by Veronica A. Vinson
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