Staff Senate

Staff Senate Meeting Minutes

December 20, 2001

Jack Acor, Dedrick Adell, Regina Ayers, Sharon Banker, Susie Barnett, Sharon Bumpus, Pam Cash, Dianne Day, Janis Dublin, Laura Edwards, Felicia Hartsfield, James Hudson, Diana Humphrey, Virginia Huss, Lonnie Latham, Dee Luna, James Montague, Ed Orio, Leslie Peach, Chris Powless, Patty Short, Calvin Strong, Marcia Taylor, Dwayne Thompson, Tommy Towery, Melody Weldon, and Karen Wyman

Marcy Anderson, Kathy Cook, Rosemary Frix, and Hope Smith

Stein Cooperwood, Senese Duhart, Walden Hagen, Amy Martin, Beverly McMillan, and Ricky Paine

1. Meeting called to order at 9:42 a.m.

2. Motion was made to approve the November Minutes as amended, seconded, and passed with a 0-no and 0-abstention vote.

3. Committee Reports:


Election: No Report

Finance: The only expenditure was $21 phone fee, leaving a balance of $4,766.39 as of the end of November.

Issues: No Report

ALL Policies and Procedures are available on the Internet at:

Membership: No Report

Public Relations: No Report

Web Site: No Report


Bylaws: Recommended changes will be sent prior to the January meeting for discussion at the January meeting.

Page Two


The Book Store Proposals are at the point where Dr. Raines is reviewing references. They are also discussing who the occupants of the 2nd and 3rd floors will be.

Facilities & Service: No Report

Fee Refunds and Appeals: No Report

Food Services and Dining: No Report

IT Admin. Advisory Com.: Computers should be turned off over the holidays due to some electrical work that will be going on over the holiday. Also, this was the first time that ALL the faculty had to turn in their grades on line.

IT Plan. And Policy Council: Met on November 28th and the University is developing a Staff Fluency Task Force, which will have a broad representation of faculty and staff.

Looking into a campus wide calendar system and are considering using Netscape Calendar.

Public Records and Forms: No Report

Public Safety: No Report

Purchasing: No Report

Safety Committee: No Report

Space Planning: No Report

Special Parking (Main): No Report

Special Parking (South): The first meeting is scheduled for January 25, 2002.

Traffic & Parking: Senator Barnett volunteered to represent the Senate on this committee.

UPDATE: No Report

4. Old Business


5. New Business

Harriet Montgomery and Mary Ann Camp will be attending the February meeting. If you have any questions please submit them to President Taylor prior to the meeting.

Ruby Copeland of the Registrar’s office has suffered a house fire and any household donations can be brought to the Senate room in McCord Hall. If you need to leave items in the Senate office please contact one of the Executive Board members for access.

Page Three

Senator Edwards brought to the Senate’s attention that a movement at The University of Tennessee at Knoxville have adopted a resolution that says, “The State Government must undertake and complete the tax and financial reform necessary to provide the State of Tennessee with a system of higher education that can help make Tennessee a leader in the United States and the World in the 21st Century.” Other areas of UTK have adopted this resolution and they would like to make it statewide. Senator Edwards has been in contact with a faculty member from UTK and there are several ways we could be involved. The main way, is there is a statewide rally planned for Knoxville at the legislative delegation offices. Please see the Commitment for a Better Tennessee web site. There are some restrictions as far as using University resources. The motion was made and seconded to become a co-sponsor of this event. The motion passed with 0-no and 0-abstention vote. Also, a motion was made for Senator Edwards to contact others who may have an interest in becoming a part of a rally. The motion was passed with a 0-no and 1-abstention vote.

A date and location for a local rally will be set and staff will be notified.

6. Meeting Adjourned at 10:16 a.m.

NEXT MEETING: Thursday, January 17, 2002 at 9:30 a.m.

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