Staff Senate

Staff Senate Meeting Minutes

December 2003

Present:  Scott Beck, Paul Cade, Shirley Cowley, Debra Cummins, David Doyle, Laura Edwards, Brad Frewin, Linda Harris, David Horan, Pamela Horvath, William Jason Jr., Barbara Marese, Nancy Massey, James Montague, Benjamin Moore, Stephen Mosley, Sheila Ogburn, Barbara Pugh, Ginny Reed, Julia Rhodes, James Rose, Hikmat Samaha, Marcy Sanford, Arlene Savage, Nancy Stewart, Faye Wilson

Absent: Leslie Bowen, Pam Cash, Diane Cooper, Sherry Crone, Kelly Daniels, Senese Duhart, Caryl Gray, Mary Haddock, Jean Honey, Samuel Hurst, Chris Kilpatrick, Carol Laney, Laruth Lofties, Flo O'Connor, Cathy Philpot, Candy Richardville, Denetta Roberson , David Schmitz, Melody Weldon, Martha Woods

Call to order at 9:30 a.m.

sheet passed around

November minutes were approved with one correction made: U.T will be taken off the SCO list. 

Dr. David Cox (Public Administration) spoke on the Mission-Value and Vision Statements drafted for the University by the Executive Council to be used as a process to move the University forward.

Handouts of the draft were passed around and Dr. Cox asked Staff Senate members to read this, share with constituents, make suggestions and encourage feedback.

The draft will also be made available to the University Staff and students for comments/suggestions

Dr. Cox will post the draft on-line and e-mail response can be sent to him at:

The response to the statements will be assembled and made available to the University.

      VI.Committee Reports:

Executive committees:

Finance: port skipped in absence of Diane Cooper

IT Policy & Planning Council:  Cathy Philpot has resigned from thecommittee and we are in the process of finding a replacement.  This is an active committee that meets monthly.

Public Relations:  Marcy Sanford is our new PR Coordinator and she and the committee will begin work on a Staff Appreciation Day.

 Legislative Advisory: James Rose, Paul Cade and Laura  

Edwards met with Todd Richardson (Coordinator of Gov't Relations) on Dec 8.  Main issues coming up in the legislature this year:  construction-budget - raises. The main function of this committee is to keep constituents informed.

Election:  James Rose announced we have a new Senator on this committee and will be presented at our January meeting.

Safety:  Steve Mosley gave some safety tips for the holidays and reported that Memphis is the 4th most dangerous city in the U.S.

Issues: David Horan gave update on several issues the committee has investigated the past year.  Computer accessibility, handicap parking, background checks, raises, child care for faculty/staff and the sick leave bank are some of the issues and many of these have been resolved with results posted on the web site.  Those not resolved will be addressed in the near future.

Fee Refund:  Senator Jason reported that 2 cases were reviewed and the committee will meet once per semester.

VII. Additional Business:

President Rose gave an update on the Faculty/Staff Feedback Survey. Participation/discussion was encouraged among constituents. The response to the surveys is completely confidential.

President Rose addressed the 'staff office' eviction and after talking with Janet Mitchell he met with President Raines and was assured that the mix-up was a major miscommunication. Ralph Faudree is looking into finding available, suitable space for the office.

The bylaws amendment vote was forwarded to Jan, 2004 meeting.

A motion was made and seconded to adjourn and the meeting was adjourned at 10:20 a.m.

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