Staff Senate

Staff Senate Meeting Minutes

February 15, 1996

Absent: R. Jones, S. McClain, M. Rhodes, M. White

Excused: S. Alexander, S. Canady, B. Charpie, K. Thurmond, G. Wyatt, V. Davis, H. Haywood, H. Johnson, C. LeFleur, R. Logan, C. Lowry, D. Medlock, P. Melton, M. Taylor,

  1. Jim Lippy opened the meeting by introducing Mr. Jim Hellums, Assistant Vice President, Physical Plant & Planning. Mr. Hellums provided a slide presentation regarding campus renovations and repairs.
    • $300,000 - $375,000 cost estimate to repair damage sustained by the McWherter Library
    • Student Activity Complex Masterplan allows for a theatre center with a capacity of 1200 seats; a 1000 car parking garage; a food courtcrosswalk from the 3rd floor of the University Center to the 1000 car parking garage; UC Ballroom renovation, and basically a new Ă’faceliftĂ“ internally and externally for the University Center.
    • The proposed 1000 car parking garage should net about 500 new parking spaces. Construction is scheduled to begin February 1997 and the progress time is estimated at 12-15 months; The new parking garage will house the parking office..
    • The total projected cost for the Student Activity Complex is $16 million dollars. No state funding will be provided; project will be funded by parking fees and student activity fees.
    • Mr. Hellums also briefly discussed renovations needed for the Fieldhouse (i.e. air conditioning of the smaller gyms, etc.).
    • Mr. Hellums also touched briefly on: A) the proposed Performing Arts Center (approximately 1200 seats) that will also have a 1000 car parking attachment; B) South Campus Master PlanC) Dunavant and McWherter Library Plaza is projected to be ready for Convocation; and D) Library circular drive which will enclose approximately 150 trees that will be planted to replace the 30 trees removed during Fall 1995.
  2. Noted modifications of the January meeting.
  3. Committee Reports:

  4. Finance Committee - No report
    Election Committee - No report
    Issues/Review Committee - No report
    Ad Hoc By-Laws Committee - Postponed; committee chair ill
  5. Old Business
    • Harry Flowers informed the Senate that the Staff Senate now has a Web page. Accessible via:
    • Anne Carter from Human Resources discussed the issue about current employees being required to retake the typing tests for lateral positions. A group of six Staff Senators volunteered to meet with Ms. Carter and further discuss the issue. Ms. Carter also informed the Senate that an external Consultant Team is scheduled to review job descriptions and titles beginning March 1996.
    • Sam Brackstone suggested that someone from the Staff Senate be considered to act as a liaison with the Consultant Team.
    • Janice Morganfield provided an alternative reading to clarify what had been intended to be conveyed concerning the proposal of returning to a 40 hour work week. (copy on file)
  6. New Business
    • Paul Stanford suggested that the Senate request an update on the Compensation Study. Mr. Lippy informed the Senate that the study will include a review of all nonfaculty positions. The goal is to complete the study within 10 months;thus the projected end date is around 12/31/96. Colis Chambers informed the Senate that Charlotte Knowles, a new employee within Human Resources, has been hired as the Compensation Manager and along with Mary Ann Camp, will be working closely with the Compensation Study Team. Mr. Lippy informed the Senate that more information regarding the study will be shared by Human Resources.
    • William Akey presented an issue raised by a constituent regarding accessibility of the administrative parking lot by employees whose offices are open past 4:30 p.m. Vernon Spence has been asked to inquire about the concern. Maurice Williams suggested the procurement of nighttime priority parking and/or utilization of Tiger Patrol.
    • Verlinda Franklin presented an issue raised by a constituent relative to University policy regarding: a) the typing test for a current employee; and b) salary advancement/posted salary range. Mr. Lippy has referred the issue to the Issues/Review Committee. Mr. Lippy also recommended forwarding copies to : Mary Ann Camp, Anne Carter and Charlotte Knowles.
    • Tommie Polk presented an issue regarding a Staff Lounge for the University Staff comparable to the new Faculty Senate Lounge that has been announced. William Akey also expressed concern regarding the location of the proposed Faculty Lounge (UC 317) due to the limited available space for student activities and events. Mr. Lippy passed this issue on to the Issues/Review Committee.
The meeting was adjourned. The next meeting will be held Thursday, March 21, 1996 from 9:30-10:30 a.m. in Room 225-B McWherter Library.

Minutes respectively recorded by Veronica A. Vinson and Colis Chambers.

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