Staff Senate

Staff Senate Meeting Minutes

February 19, 1998 

Absent: Steve Canaday, Joan Cesari, Ray Craft, Connie Diffie, Linda Hall, Linda Heide, Addie Hughes, and Richard Jones

Excused: Steven Conlee, Kimberly Edgar, Hope Eubanks, John Farrell, Patricia Green, Hazel Haywood, Janice Hines, Ronnie Logan, Tommie Polk, and Patricia Taylor

1. The meeting was called to order and roll was called.

2. The January minutes were approved as amended.

3. Ms. Mary Ann Camp spoke on the Compensation Study. The outline she followed was:

Priorities for Implementation of the Compensation Study are:
  • Place every position in the proper grade relative to each other and the labor market
  • Improve our position relative to the market for recruiting and retention purposes
  • Identify specific unique positions that might require special consideration because of current market conditions
  • Plan a plan to maintain the plans
I. Implementation of Schedule
Release university-wide data to the Provost and Vice President Friday, February 20, 1998.

Release information to supervisors and employees in May.

Appeals process to begin Mid-May.

Implement July 1, 1998 - commitment to bring employees to minimum of new plan if they are below.

II. Feedback on University-Wide Reports
This data has not been reviewed by the Special Committees on IS and Accounting and is therefore subject to change.

There must be a short review period so that they can proceed toward release of final information to employees.

They will not be able to re-audit jobs that have already been re-audited.

They will address specific issues that are supported by clear comparison with positions in other areas.

III. Confidentiality
Since final recommendations and approvals from the President have not yet been secured, they feel it would be wise to continue to keep the information secure.

Designees are the same as before, but information for individual employees is still unofficial and is in draft form.

IV. Job Descriptions
Nearly completed with revisions from last fall.

These will be available in Human Resources and the Library. (Recent Development: should be available after Wednesday, February 25, 1998.)

It is important to recognize that the job descriptions did not drive the grade. The questionnaires (Position Analysis Questionnaire) did.

Job descriptions are the result of the questionnaire and in some cases are generic.

Essential Functions: Has nothing to do with staffing levels. READ ADA DESCRIPTION.

ADA and Job Descriptions

1. Under the Americans with disabilities Act (ADA), job descriptions that automatically exclude persons with physical or mental disabilities are illegal, unless the exclusionary requirements is an "essential function" of the job in question.

2. A job consists of essential functions (i.e., core duties) performed under certain working conditions. Essential functions are tasks that are sufficiently critical to a position that successful completion of those tasks or functions justifies the job's existence.

V. Titles
Continuing to seek input on titles. The Staff Senate was asked to provide input on the Office Support Job Family titles. A sheet with three proposals was distributed and we were asked to return them with any comments. It is important to maintain consistency and logic with the titling hierarchy.
VI. Nothing is in Concrete
This is a live process. Many factors will affect the plans even after implementation:
Job Market Conditions

Organizational Changes

Position Description Changes

As soon as they implement it in July they will begin to make changes to maintain it.
V. Summary
About 1500 positions have been evaluated, some of them more than once. 90-95 percent of the position placements are acceptable.
Mary Ann Camp also reported on:
1. Hourly Annual Leave Accrual Schedule is the same as University of Tennessee's and the State. The Tennessee Board of Regents will probably not change unless others do. There may be some possibility of suggesting a change to UT, but the State employees' Annual Leave is legislated. Changing that would be more involved.

2. Salary "Caps"

The plan is to retain the current system of having salary grades with both minimums and maximums. Dr. Rawlins has stated that only in unique situations will exceptions be made to increase an employee's salary above the maximum.
4. Committee reports:
Finance Committee: Harry Flowers stated the senate account balance is $5,381.37

Election Committee: None

AD-Hoc Bylaws Committee: None

Issues Review Committee: A new chair will be appointed by the Senate President to replace Tommie Polk, who is retiring from the University on March 13, 1998.

Standing Committees:

Traffic/Parking Authority: None

Safety Committee: None

Facilities and Services Com.: None

IT Policy Committee: Deans agreed on how to spend TAF money for their labs.

IT Admin. Advisory Com.: SCT still here. They have had a change in staff and have hired a consultant, who is basically running the show.

Bookstore Committee: Buy-back list has been expanded.

Book store website is up and running. (

Draft design drawings of the new bookstore were released.

Next meeting is April 8, 1998.

Campus School Committee: Have a signed letter concerning Campus School admission for children of staff from Dr. Rawlins.

Food Services Committee: Suggested that everyone visit the Richardson Towers cafeteria. It is $4.95 for all-u-can-eat. The hours are 11:00 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. The University Center cafeteria passed its reinspection.
5. New Business:
The Tennessee Board of Regents will be on campus March 25-27, 1998. Dr. Rawlins would like volunteers to work during this time, if you are available please contact Janet Mitchell at 3042.

Dr. Smith has requested that if anyone has input on training needs or Policy and Procedures to please contact his office.

Maurice Williams has requested time next meeting to discuss the Operation Feed Program. Dr. Smith has volunteered the services of Business and Finance for this project.

Rob Marczynski brought up the issue of snow days. The basis of his concern was, if it is not safe for students and instructors to drive to the University why are staff employees required to come to work, or use an annual day if they choose to stay home? Ginny suggested that he submit this in writing to the Issues Review Committee.

Mr. Kevin Roper has been appointed Vice President for Advancement. This topic brought up the issue that communication of vital issues continues to be a problem.

Larry Mayes informed the group that Higher Education is once again not receiving the matching funds with the 401K. He also informed us of other bills before the senate, one of which is the Cost of Living Adjustment (2701.) He encourages you to contact your legislature concerning bills like this. The statement has been made by the legislature that they do not hear from the people on issues and concerns.

Our constituents do not like the absences they are seeing by the Staff Senate members.

Someone asked if the Staff Senate will be addressing the conversion for the year 2000? Staff Senate is not sure what they could do.

Pam Cash brought up the issue of wanting a committee to look into after school care for the children. With all the construction going on this could alleviate some safety concerns.

The Senate agreed to move the April meeting to April 23, 1998 at 2:00 p.m. to allow Dr. Rawlins to join us. If anyone has any questions or concerns they should be given in advance to Janet Mitchell in the President's office. These questions may be signed or may be submitted anonymously. Everyone is invited to attend.
6. Meeting adjourned. Next meeting is March 19, 1998.
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