Staff Senate

Staff Senate Meeting Minutes

February 18, 1999

Absent: Charlie Black, Gracie Cato, Linda Clark, Hazel Haywood, Nancy Hollingsworth, Addie Hughes, Bernedine Kelly, and Jeanne Tutor

Excused: Kathy Atkinson, Sam Brackstone, Steve Canaday, Gary Carman, Sherry Crone, Verlinda Franklin, Janice Morganfield, Lynne Owens, Norma Price, and Patricia Taylor

Present: Beverly Anthony, Glenda Barton, Devonia Cage, Pam Cash, Steven Conlee, Diane Cooper, Mark Copley, Patricia Ehrlich, Gary Fortner, Pat Green, Barbara Harris, Diana Humphrey, Richard Jones, Kathy Kolby, Bill Lansden, Joanne Lippy, Larry Mayes, Janet Mitchell, Barbara Moore, Ginny Reed, Bernice Richardson, Patty Simonton, and Bobbie Steiner, Michelle Stout, Marcia Taylor, and Carolyn Zoccola

 1. Meeting called to order at 9:34 a.m.

 2. Roll called.

 3. New Senators sworn in: Gladys Bowens, R.C. Johnson, and Maurice Williams. These new senators replaced vacated seats.

 4. Maurice Williams spoke briefly on the Operation Feed Campaign that will be coming up. He asked the senate to support and work in conjunction with the Student Board to organize this event for Unity Day. All the food would be brought to one spot on campus that day, there would be a picnic (free food), and after all the events are completed the food would be picked up from that location and taken to the food bank. The senate voted unanimously to support this event. Maurice asked for volunteers to help run the campaign. Ginny Reed, Diana Humphrey, and Pam Cash volunteered to assist Maurice with this event.

 5. Committee reports:

Finance Committee: Larry Mayes - No report.

Election Committee: Pam Cash - The election process will begin in March.

AD-Hoc Bylaws Committee: Diane Cooper - The committee recommends Amendments IV, V, and VI to the Staff Senate By-Laws.

 The reason for Amendment IV has to do with the removal of an elected senator from office because of absence from senate meetings.

 The reason for Amendment V is to set terms of office for each member of the Executive Board. At present there is no term of office.

 The reason for Amendment VI is to change the time frame a former senator must sit out between terms.

 If you would like to see these amendments in detail please see a senator. We will vote on these amendments at our March 18th meeting.

Issues Review Committee: Diane Cooper - The Issues Review Committee received a response from Dr. R. Eugene Smith, Vice President for Business and Finance, concerning children on campus. The memorandum stated: "this subject was discussed in detail at both the Administrative Council and the President's Cabinet..... It was determined that we do not need any change in policy; the current policy is adequate and President Rawlins directed that members ensure that it is followed." Diane Cooper shared that this is also addressed in the Staff handbook.

 Standing Committees:

Traffic/Parking Authority: Michelle Stout - Parking rate for the new garage will be $29.22 a month until new consulting firm is brought on board to get review the parking rates. The parking garage is losing money on Fridays because the attendants leave at 2:00 p.m. It was asked if the new garage was going to an automated system and the old garage might use it too. The meeting also provided an overview of which lots will be revamped and a time-frame. There is a meeting today with the firm hired to do the Traffic Study.
Safety Committee: Richard Jones - Evacuation plans for each building have been completed and posted in each building. The committee was informed that The University of Memphis is one of the safest campuses. Larceny is the #1 problem on campus. The Safety Committee has decided to replace all soft lights on campus with a new brighter bulb.
Facilities and Services Com.: Janet Mitchell - None
IT Planning Policy Council: Steve Canaday - None
IT Admin. Advisory Com.: Steve Conlee - None
Bookstore Committee: Carolyn Zoccola - None
Food Services Committee: Patty Simonton - None
Public Records: Need a Volunteer
Fee Refunds & Appeals: Joann Lippy - None
6. Old Business:
The issue of a Staff Appreciation Day was brought up and a budget was approved by the senate. Thursday, May 13th is the date set for the event. Details of the event were given as: A banner across Central, booths with campus information, a contest to create a logo for the senate, and many door prizes (one of which will be a major prize.) The senate is very excited about this event. The senate plans to work very hard to make the employees feel appreciated and to promote their Staff Senate at the same time.
7. New Business:
Carolyn Zoccola read the following question from a constituent:

 "If a position was upgraded after the original Mercer Study was done, will the adjustment be reflected in the new position name?"

 Ms. Kathy Kolby, member of the Compensation Study Project Oversight Committee and Senate member, responded to this question. The review of each position was based on the old Position Analysis Questionnaire and the job description. So, if the position had changed significantly and a new PAQ was not filled out reflecting any changes then the upgrade will probably not be reflected in the new position name. Kathy added that a number of positions have changed from Mercer's original plan.

 Kathy also shared on the topic of Compensation Study/Salary Caps. Very soon the Compensation Study Committee will debate the salary cap issues. Kathy is going to defend the position of providing merit increases to employees who have reached the cap for their position. In order to make this work she needs information on people that are in this situation. She needs information on their certifications, awards, and any other nominations that they may have received. She intends to use this information in defense of the merit increases. If anyone has any other suggestions or ideas please feel free to include it. This information can be E-mailed to Kathy (

Ms. Mary Ann Camp, Assistant Vice President for Human Resources and Dr. O'Neal Smitherman, Executive Assistant to the President for Planning and Projects, will be speaking to the senate at our March 18th meeting. All staff are invited to come hear them speak on the University's Compensation Study.

Special Note: The Faulkner Lounge will be used for this meeting. The meeting time will remain at 9:30 a.m.

8. President's Remarks:
 It has been recommended and passed to remove the question concerning positions on campus from the Senate's "To Do" list. This question was brought up last year and a graduate student from Dr. Goldberg's office did come and make a presentation, but the Senate never felt the question was fully answered. The question is also now a mute point until the Compensation Study is complete.

 Madame President shared with the Senate the information concerning a gift being made to the University. A donor has offered to build a hotel on campus. This hotel would be used to train students that desire to enter the Hospitality and Resort Management Program that may be begun at the University.

9. Minutes approved as amended.

 10. Adjourned

    Next meeting is Thursday, March 18, 1999 at 9:30 in the Faulkner Lounge in the University Center.
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