Staff Senate

Staff Senate Meeting Minutes

February 21, 2002

Present: Jack Acor, Marcy Anderson, Regenia Ayers, Sharon Banker, Susie Barnett, Sharon Bumpus, Pam Cash, Kathy Cook, Dianne Day, Janis Dublin, Senese Duhart, Laura Edwards, Rosemary Frix, James Hudson, Virginia Huss, Lonnie Latham, Dee Luna, Beverly McMillan, James Montague, Ed Orio, Ricky Paine, Calvin Strong, Marcia Taylor, Dwayne Thompson, Tommy Towery, Melody Weldon and Karen Wyman

Excused: Dedrick Adell, Felicia Hartsfield, Diana Humphrey, Amy Martin, Leslie Peach, Chris Powless, Patty Short, and Hope Smith

Absent: Stein Cooperwood, Waldon Hagen, and Derek Myers

1. Meeting called to order at 9:36 a.m.

2. Motion was made to approve the January Minutes as amended, seconded, and passed with a 0-no and 0-abstention vote.

3. Committee Reports: 


Reports Suspended


Reports Suspended


Reports Suspended

4.     Special Guest Dr. Marti Alberg

  Dr. Alberg came to discuss the Celebration of Learning events scheduled for April 15-19.  A   draft agenda was handed out.

Special Guest Ms. Harriet Montgomery

Ms. Montgomery distributed a list of questions/items that would be discussed.  Ms. Montgomery discussed the items and took question pertaining to those items discussed.  The key items discussed were:  FMLA, Sick Leave Bank, Outsourcing, and TBR is looking into doing Benefits Survey

Staff Senate

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5. Old Business

Senator Edwards read a statement from Dr. Raines concerning the Rally.

6. Motion was made to adjourn the meeting at 10:47 a.m.; it was seconded, and passed with a 0-no and 0-abstention vote.

NEXT MEETING:  Thursday, March 21, 2002 at 9:30 a.m.

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