Staff Senate

Staff Senate Meeting Minutes

February 2004

Present:  Scott Beck, Paul Cade, Pam Cash, Diane Cooper, Sherry Crone, Debra Cummins, David Doyle, Laura Edwards, Brad Frewin, Caryl Ann Gray, Jean Honey, David Horan, Pamela Horvath, Carol Laney, William Jason Jr., Barbara Marese, Nancy Massey, James Montague, Benjamin Moore, Stephen Mosley, Flo O’Connor, Ginny Reed, Candy Richardville, James Rose, Hikmat Samaha, Marcy Sanford, Arlene Savage, David Schmitz, Nancy Stewart, Faye Wilson, Martha Woods

Absent: Shirley Cowley, Senese Duhart, Linda Harris, Samuel Hurst, Mary Lanier, Sheila Ogburn, Barbara Pugh, Julia Rhodes, Melody Weldon,

  • The meeting was called to order at 9:30 a.m.  The sign-in sheet was passed around.  The minutes from the January meeting were approved as corrected.
  • Senator Cooper gave the Finance report:  There were no expenditures leaving a balance of $10,925.66.
  • Senator Sanford, Chairman of Staff Appreciation Committee, reported that she had reserved the date of May 19, 2004, from 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., either on the Alumni Mall or the UC Ballroom.  She suggested a menu of BBQ or an ice cream bar.  The committee will meet in the next couple of weeks and if you have any suggestions or want to help, please contact her.
  • President Rose asked for the vote on the By-Laws Amendment.  We need 26 votes to pass and 31 senators are present.  There was a unanimous vote to approve the amendment.  There was some discussion after the vote that we need to use the standardized title of The University of Memphis as The is part of the name, and it should be used throughout the By-Laws.  It was so noted and the changes will be made. New copies of the by-laws will be ready soon.
  • Our guest speaker is Dr. Doug Hurley, Vice President for Information Systems & CIO.  Dr. Hurley talked informally with the Senate and explained that as CIO he is to 1) get our message out in various forms to the campus, city, county, state, and national levels, through communication, whether it is internal or external, 2) continue to improve customer service based on how well the customer is treated, respected, was the right information given on the product and/or service, and did the customer receive what was needed.  He stressed that we need to recognize and give good quality customer service.  There are two priorities:
  • Support of the Administrative System is absolutely essential but it is not why we are here.
  • The Academic process is the reason we are here and we must sell, teach, learn, and research.

We must focus our resources if we are to be on the leading edge of technology.  We need to support and elevate innovative ways to improve the research infrastructure.

The floor was opened for questions to Dr. Hurley.  After a couple of questions, the Senate thanked Dr. Hurley for his time.

  • President Rose gave a follow-up report on the Staff Senate Office.  It is located at the Health Center 104.  The room will be used for small senate related meetings, the storage of old files, and a general work area.  It was suggested that we turn the computer over to the Lipman School.  Senator Wilson was asked to get the simple sign reading Staff Senate Office.  New letterhead with envelopes will be ordered.

All senate members are encouraged to attend the monthly meetings and participate on the committees they serve on. If you serve on a campus wide committee please make arrangements for someone to attend in your place if you cannot attend.

We were asked to encourage our constituents to respond to the Faculty/Staff Feedback


  • Senator Schmitz reported that the recreational track on Zack Curlin is opened for use.  During spring break one more topcoat will be applied and then striped.  It is a rubbery substance that makes a very nice surface that has a slight bounce as you run or walk.
  • Senator Doyle reported from the Quality Enhancement Plan Selection Committee for accreditation review by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS).  The committee has been charged to determine the focus of the QEP that The University will present to SACS. The committee has had several meetings but is looking for suggestions.  Mr. Doyle distributed a handout to the members with the charges given this committee.
  • Issues & Review: Senator Horan gave an update on the progress of several issues the committee has been working on.

 Senator Savage has done some research on the childcare issue.  She has contacted the Day Care representative, Mrs. Washington, and there is no defined process for examining a placement of day care on campus for faculty and staff. The committee welcomes recommendations regarding childcare.  There was some discussion on the actual interest for childcare or after school care. It was suggested to hold for further review.

      Lateral moves for employees are still under investigation. 

  • Safety:  Steve Mosley reported that information had surfaced regarding the outsourcing of Physical Plant.  After some discussion President Rose asked that the Legislative Advisory Committee look at this critical issue and a motion was made for Issues & Review to also look into this.  Following a short discussion it was stated that The Senate needs to give all critical issues as much time as needed for resolution. 
  • Legislative Advisory:  The legislature is in session.  Mr. Rose reported on the Governor’s proposal for pay raises. This is still to be decided.

Mr. Charles Lee, Vice President for Business and Finance, has been asked to return to the Staff Senate on April 15, 2004, to talk with us.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:35 a.m.

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