Staff Senate
Meeting Minutes for February 2005

FEBRUARY 17, 2005

Present:  Sharon Ammons, Jeanett Ballentine, Scott Beck, Barbara Bekis, Karen Bradley, Paul Cade, Amanda Clarkson, Ruby Copeland, Carolyn Featherstone, Virginia Huss, Penni Istre, Lorrean Lim, Patsy Krech, James McArthur, Beverly McMillan, Barbara Marese, C.E. Mason, Nancy Massey, James Montague, Benjamin Moore, Sheila Moses, Stephen Mosley, Melodie Patterson, Ginny Reed, Nancy Stewart, Melody Weldon, Faye Wilson, Martha Woods

Absent:  Mitch Barham, Brenda Butler, Shannon Diamond, Rebecca Cameron (Scott), Caryl Ann Gray, Flo O’Connor, Vickie Peters

Un-excused:  Susan Acerra, Ashley Cates

* * * * * * * * * * * *

The meeting was called to order at 9:30 a.m. with the approval of the minutes. The roll call sheet was circulated for attendance.


  • IT Report (Scott Beck): No Report at this time
  • Membership Report (Shelia Moses): Senator Moses has contacted certain senators by mail that are either no longer in their departments or no longer employed with the University of Memphis. Senator Moses will continue to contact others that have not been involved with the senate.
  • Public Relations Report (Amanda Clarkson): Senator Clarkson reported that we have set a date for the Staff Appreciation Day. The date is May 24th, from 10:30 am to 1:00 pm in the Student plaza center, and the rainy day location will be in the University Center Ball Room. We have a committee that is working on door prizes, booths, etc, to help with the program.
  • Secretary Report (Caryl Ann Gray): There was no report.
  • Vice President/Treasurer Protem (Virginia Huss): Senator Huss reported that there has been no change to the budget.
  • President Report (Virginia Huss): President Huss inquired if there was a problem with the time set for the Staff Senate meetings. There were no problems or issues raised about the time.

Old Business:

Election of the Vice-President: The election of a Vice-President was held.  Senator Faye Wilson was elected for the remainder of the term.

Staff Senate Open Seats: We are trying to create a list of employees currently in each cluster with the help of Human Resources. This will be a hard task but it needs to be done in time for elections.

New Business:

Bylaws Committee: A By-laws Committee will be formed and will meet as needed in order to modify the current Staff Senate By-laws.

Guest Speaker Dr. Doug Hurley, Vice President for Information Systems & CIO spoke to the Senate about the changes that will occur in the IT department, as well as across campus. He discussed how the campus would soon convert to a new e-mail system, as well as a new protection against spam. We have all received an e-mail regarding these changes, especially about the SPAM blocker and have possibly experienced some of the effects of the changes. There is also a plan for the Enterprise Resource Planning System, which is a three-year process to upgrade the computer systems across campus. This will include student records, payroll, and the financial systems.

The meeting was adjourned.
Respectfully submitted by Melodie Patterson, Secretary Protem

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