Staff Senate
January 18, 1996

Absent: Sylvia Alexander, Dianne Cooper, Hazel Haywood, Claire Johnson Richard Jones

Excused: Charles Black, William Lansden, Ronnie Logan, David Medlock Janet Mitchell, Bernice Richardson, Cornelius Stump, Sandra Swinger Marty White

  1. Mr. Lippy opened the meeting by introducing Mrs. Ann-Wilks Penrod, spouse of guest speaker Dr. James Penrod, Vice President for Information Systems and CIO, who will make a presentation on the recent developments in the area if Information Systems.
  2. Mr. Lippy asked if any items needed to be corrected in the December minutes. It was mentioned that Items 6 and 7 be combined. In the future, the minutes will be accessible via the internet.
  3. Virginia Reed, Chair of the Budget Committee said the $1,000 Senate Budget has been approved, and the cost for the monthly mailings should run about $142.
  4. Veronica Vinson, Chair of the Election Committee, has been in contact with Dr. Joanne Keaton (Communication Dept.), who has offered her services in assisting the committee with initial set-up. Ms. Vinson will contact the Election Committee members shortly to set a meeting with Dr. Keaton.
  5. Clyde Corley,Chair of the Issues/Review Committee, stated the committee met and discussed the Wellness Program. The Committee will work with Human Resources for the implementation of the program.
  6. Marcia Taylor, Chair of the By-Laws Committee, said that Diane Cooper, Claire Lowry, and am Brackstone have agreed to serve on the committee. Other than continued discussion on addressing the problem of no representation of some departments in the Provost Division, there was no new business to report.
  7. Old Business Item: Virginia Davis asked about the status of changing the evaluation process. Bill Akey who serves on the initial committee says there are 2 sub-committees being formed to look into revamping the evaluation process. They have been given 1 year to investigate, and are now 5 months into the project. It is being studied to also have the employees evaluate their supervisor.
  8. Sam Brackstone requested that the issue of what number of members constitutes a quorum for voting purposes be discussed. He feels the current guidelines in the By-laws are to low. It was suggested that a set number or percentage be established. Mr. Lippy recommended that this issue be forwarded to the By-Laws Committee. Anyone who has further thoughts on this subject, or suggests a suitable quorum number are welcome to e-mail or write Marcia Taylor.
  9. Guest, Kathy Kolby, inquired about non-representation of Communication and Fine Arts, Engineering, and Business and Economics. Mr. Lippy asked the By-Laws Committee to address this issue.
  10. Virginia Davis announced that the Annual Food Drive is scheduled for March 15-April 26, 1996. She asks that all spread the word, and start grocery shopping in support of this worthy cause.
  11. It was suggested that the University's policies and procedures be studied and possibly changed for already employed clerical staff, in good sanding, be exempted from taking a typing test in order to apply for another position on campus. This concern will be addressed by the Issues Review Committee. Pat Green, who is a member of Dr. Smith's Communication Committee, says this issue was also mentioned at a past meeting.
  12. Janice Morganfield says a fellow co-worker approached her about asking the Staff Senate to investigate the possibility of working a 40 hour work week instead of a 37.5 work week. Mr. Lippy said we should keep in mind that this would not necessarily mean employees would be paid more for working the extended hours. He has asked the Issues Review Committee to further investigate. He also mentioned that President Rawlins is hopeful and optimistic that we will receive a raise July 1, 1996.
  13. Dr. Penrod gave a presentation of the work being done in Information Systems to improve services at the University. The total project is expected to cost $4 million. Telecommunication services are being enhanced. Tigerlan will eventually be accessible network-wide. Software and hardware will constantly be upgraded, and therefore, Dr. Penrod encourages everyone to take training courses to keep up with the constant changes. Dr. Penrod distributed copies of the Strategic Plan for Information Systems and a handout outlining his presentation-both of which are available upon request.
  14. Bill Akey suggested that Mr. Lippy speak at a future meeting on Total Quality Management(TQM), which is one of the purposes of his office, Focus for Excellence. Mr Lippy agreed to speak before the senate, but suggested that Virgin Reed serve as presiding president for that meeting.
  15. Mr. Lippy said as stated in the By-Laws, if a member misses 3 unexcused consecutively, they will be removed from the Staff Senate. Ms. Vinson will report to him those members who have missed 3 meetings unexcused. He will hen write each person that falls under this category to inform them of this guideline. He asked that if a member foresees that they are unable to attend a future meeting, to please let an officer know.
  16. The next meeting will be held Thursday, February 15, 196 from 9:30- 10:30 a.m. in Room 225-B McWherter Library.
Minutes respectfully recorded by Veronica A. Vinson
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