Staff Senate
January 20, 2000

Present: Sally Andrews, Regina Ayers, Glenda Barton, Gary Carman, Sherry Crone, Marie Dockter, Lorene Flowers, Gary Fortner, Brenda Gray, Mary Harris, Nancy Hollingsworth, R. C. Johnson, Jennifer Joyner, Kathy Kolby, Ronald MacDonald, Amy Martin, Jann Mayes, Becky McCoy, Beverly McMillan, Jane Perrello, Cathy Philpot, Jim Selbe, Patty Simonton, James Singleton, Vanessa Smith, Michelle Stout, Maurice Williams

Absent: Johnny Barnes, Charlie Black, Oscar Collier, Jimmy Craft, Larry Mayes, John Melton, Bernice Richardson, Leslie Smith

Excused: Kathy Atkinson, Helen Awsumb, Devonia Cage, Verlinda Franklin, Barbara Harris, Hazel Haywood, Diana Humphrey, Janice Morganfield, Edward Orio, Lynn Owens, Veronica Vinson, Carolyn Zoccola

Meeting was called to order at 9:33 AM

Roll called.

Linda Michael from the Development Office did a presentation of the various aspects the University is using for marketing. There was an Image Assessment Benchmark done in October prior to the Celebrate 2000 advertising campaign on Channel 3. Steps are being taken to redesign the University website with a virtual campus tour of the University.

Dr. James Penrod, Vice President of Information Technology, was present to take questions from the Staff Senate. Dr. Penrod addressed the question regarding faculty and staff being able to obtain old and out-dated computers from student labs when the machines are replaced. Dr. Penrod stated that these computers are renewed at least on a three-year basis and are paid for by the Student Tech Access Fee. This money must go for direct student support and the computers can not be moved to faculty or staff. Dr. Penrod has asked a committee to look at the problem or staff not having adequate computers and the possibility of supplying these out of operating funds. Information Systems tries to have a person available for Macintosh support; however, the LSPs for specific areas need to have this experience. There is a free Microsoft site license for employees of the University for use anywhere.

Approval of the December minutes was tabled.

Committee Reports:

  • Election: Glenda Barton reported there have been two resignations: Linda Clark and Jacqueline Driver. We are still working with Human Resources to resolve the issue of Staff Senate elections.
  • Finance: Maurice Williams reported that the Staff Senate currently has $3,424.30 on hand.
  • Issues and Review: Jennifer Joyner reported that the issue of the discrepancy of non-exempt employees transferring to other jobs on campus prior to six months in a current job with the supervisor’s approval and exempt staff has the ability to waive supervisor’s approval. Human Resources is looking at changing this policy. Human Resources was also contacted regarding the process of advertising job openings to University employees prior to advertising off-campus candidates. The problem with this, was that University employees were not applying for these positions and process for hiring and filling positions was taking too long.
  • Standing Committees:
    • Facilities & Services--no report
    • Traffic & Parking--no report
    • Safety--James Singleton reported that the Training Schedule is out and copies will be distributed at the next Staff Senate meeting.
    • IT Planning & Policy Council--no report
    • IT Administrative Advisory Committee--no report
    • Bookstore Committee--no report
    • Food Services--no report
    • Public Records--no report
    • Fee Refunds & Appeals--no report
    • Ad Hoc Committee on Strategic Planning--Jim Selbe reported that Tennessee Board of Regents has set new guidelines for goals and objectives. This has been sent to the President. There will be two public hearings to review.
    • Ad Hoc Committee on By-Laws-no report
Jane Perrello announced that the opening ceremony for Student Recreation is
February 1.

President’s Remarks: A letter has been drafted to President Rawlins requesting space for an office for the Staff Senate.

Meeting was adjourned.

Next scheduled meetings: February 17, 2000

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