Staff Senate
January 18, 2001

Present: Jack Acor, Regenia Ayers, Jennifer Baker, Ruthie Bassford, Sharon Bumpus, Gary Carman, Pam Cash, Kathy Cook, Sherry Crone, Laura Edwards, John Farrell, Rick Forrester, Diana Humphrey, Virginia Huss, Richard Jones, Amy Martin, Jann Mayes, Larry Mayes, Beverly McMillan, James Montague, Jane Orcholski, Edward Orio, Ricky Paine, Cathy Philpot, Chris Powless, James Singleton, Patty Short, Vanessa Smith, Michelle Stout, Marcia Taylor, Maurice Williams

Absent: Cathy Awsumb, Marie Dockter, Lorene Flowers, Brenda Fuller, Mark Green, Mary Harris, Ronald MacDonald, John Melton

Excused: Sally Andrews, Susie Barnett, Senese Duhart, Rosemary Frix, Becky McCoy, Jim Selbe, Teresa Weaver, Fay Wilson

1. Meeting was called to order at 9:38 AM.

2. President Williams announced that Jim Selbe, Vice President of the Staff Senate has resigned and is working on a project at the Tennessee Board of Regents.

3. Roll called.

4. Amendment.

  • The September minutes were amended to move Sharon Bumpus to "excused" absent, and change "Brister Library" to "John Wilder Library". Minutes amended and approved for December, 2000 meeting.

5. Committee Reports

  • Finance: No report
  • Election: No report
  • Issues & Review: Cathy Philpot reported that the Issues Committee received a response from Mary Ann Camp, Human Resources, about a "package" option, HMO premiums, increase in leave accrual rate at the 15-year mark, and elimination of the check cashing fee at the Bursar. A memo from Mary Ann Camp concerning the "package" option stated that "if the Senate wished to put together a recommendation on what services would be included in a package, we could consider that and do the cost/benefit analysis to see if it would be feasible for everyone concerned." Regarding HMO premiums, President Williams asked the Issues Committee to look into the differences in the rates/number of participants in HMO plans in both east and west Tennessee. He also requested that the committee look into the staff grievance process and the issue of staff not being included in the University's strategic plan.

6. Standing Committees:

  • Facilities & Services-No report
  • Traffic and Parking-Michelle Stout--No report
  • IT Planning and Policy Council-Michelle Stout--No report
  • IT Administrative Advisory Committee-Reporting for Marie Dockter, Marcia Taylor informed the Senate that there is ongoing wiring of the Dorms; there are new standards for wireless access; faculty web page will be ready for use, fall, 2001; and the IT Strategic Plan is in the data collection stage.
  • Space Planning-Marie Dockter--No report
  • Safety-James Singleton--No report
  • Bookstore Committee-Cathy Philpot reported that the new bookstore is scheduled to open spring 2002, and will contain a copy center, convenience store, bank, and travel office.
  • Food Services and Dining Committee-Regenia Ayers reported that, to date, no decision has been reached on the possibility of a franchised fast food enterprise on campus; there is a possibility that the pictures in the Tiger Den will be changed to be more representative of the entire campus population; and the South Hall dining facility is scheduled to close permanently in 2001.
  • Public Records-Jane Orcholski--No report
  • Fee Refunds and Appeals-Beverly McMillan--No report
  • UPDATE Meeting-Maurice Williams--No report
  • Public Relations Committee-Chris Powless--No report
  • Public Safety Committee-Cathy Philpot, Ronald McDonald-- No report

7. Old Business

8. New Business-

  • Kathy Kolby, Ex-Officio Senator and member of the presidential search committee, reported on the status of the search for a president at The University of Memphis. There are no internal candidates being considered. The staff will have the opportunity to meet the three candidates and ask questions. Michelle Stout will be responsible for creating a ballot for senators to survey their constituents to see which of the three candidates the staff prefers.

9. President's Remarks - Maurice Williams

  • President Williams announced that the Staff Senate Office has a telephone. The number is 678-3483.
  • The scheduled Black History Month events were announced, and Senators were encouraged to attend.
  • The Staff Senate reception is scheduled for February 15 at 11 a.m. in the University Center dinning room.
  • President Williams asked for a volunteer to serve on the Office Equipment Bidding Committee. Venessa Smith volunteered to serve on this committee.

10. A motion was moved, seconded, and passed to adjourn at 11:08.

Next scheduled meeting: February 15, 2001

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