Staff Senate
Meeting Minutes for January 2003

Present: Sharon Banker, Paul Cade, Pam Cash, Shirley Cowley, Sherry Crone, Debra Cummings, Dianne Day, Senese Duhart, Laura Edwards, Frances Frazier, Brad Frewin, David Horan, James Hudson, Diana Humphrey, Lonnie Latham, Amy Martin, Nancy Matthews, Steve Mosley, Shelia Ogburn, Lynne Owens, Leslie Peach, Virginia Reed, Dee Roberson, James Rose, Hikmat Samaha, Marcy Sandford, Linda Sandford, Arlene Savage, Hope Smith, Calvin Strong, Marcia Taylor, Tommy Towery, Mike Ward, and Faye Wilson

Absent:  Scott Beck, Gary Carman, Diane Cooper, Linda Harris, Pamela Horvath, Carol Laney, Laruth Lofties, and Julia Rhodes

1. Call to order

2. Roll call (Quorum noted)

3. November minutes were approved as amended with a 0-no and 0-abstention vote.

4. Senator Rose provided a reading of the proposed amendment to Article 3 Part B Section 5 of the By-laws.  The By-laws, as read, were approved with a 0-no vote.

5. Committee Reports:

Election: Senese Duhart Will meet soon to get started on the next election.

Finance: Hope Smith No expenditures in November, beginning and ending balance was $8,188.85.  In December there was an expenditure of $3.11 for supplies and an overcharge by Telecommunications of $2.80 for a total of $5.91 leaving an ending balance of $8,182.94.

Issues Review:  Ginny Reed and David

  • Met last week to discuss the main issue that Senator Rose had been working on, Central Avenue Traffic situation.  He was informed by Public Safety and Tony Poteet of Campus Planning and Design that there are plans for Central Avenue to be lowered by eight feet.  There are also plans to install two or three crosswalks across Central Avenue; one is proposed for the Engineering Building, another to replace the current crosswalk, and one for the Kemmons Wilson School of Hospitality and Resort Management.  Patterson Avenue is also being addressed. It is proposed to reroute Patterson to create a true four-way stop at Patterson and Walker.  So far the committee has seen no renderings or drawings.  Included in these plans is the issue of drainage.  This matter is not considered closed, because of some pending issues regarding the speed limit on Central.

No new issues at this time.

Membership:  Leslie Peach  No Report

Public Relations:  Sherry Crone  Will start considering Employee Appreciation Day next month.  Senator Crone will e-mail Senator Cooper asking for a list of the prizewinners from the Food Drive.

Web Site: Carol Laney No report.  Our web address is


Legislative Advisory Committee: Diane Cooper   No Report

By-laws: James Rose Same as above.


Bookstore – Lonnie Latham –  No Report

Campus Safety and Security – Steve Mosley –  No report

Facilities and Services Committee – Gary Carman – No Report

Fee Refunds and Appeals – Pam Horvath – No Report

Food Services and Dining – Senese Duhart – No Report

IT Administrative Advisory Committee – Julie Rhodes – No Report

IT Planning and Policy Council – Tommy Towery – No Report

Presidents Council – Calvin Strong – No Report

Public Records and Forms – Hikmat Samaha – No Report

Purchasing (Special Committee only activated when needed)

Space Planning – Dianne Day – No Report

Special Parking (South Campus) – Dee Luna – No Report

Traffic and Parking – Diane Cooper –  No Report

  1. Old Business:

President Strong met with the Steve Bradshaw, Vice President for Life Blood, and discussed getting the staff involved in a campus blood drive.  His recommendation was that the Senate form a steering committee for this blood drive.  The following senators volunteered:

Calvin Strong, Nancy Matthews, Jean Honey, Faye Wilson, and Hikmat Samaha. 

First South Federal Credit Union will be located in the Bookstore Service Court facility.  At this time the Memphis Area Teachers Credit Union will remain on Southern per Mr. Charles Lee, Vice President for Business and Finance.  Mr. Lee joined the meeting to discuss criminal background checks, but also discussed the credit unions.

Mr. Lee advised the Senate that it was never the intention of the University not to ever do criminal background checks on faculty.  It was recognized that because the task is so complex that it needed to be started in an area where there was the most control, where you could manage and access it, and then figure out what needed to be done.

10. Motion was made to adjourn the meeting.  It passed with a 0-no vote.

Next Meeting: March 20, 2003 at 9:30 a.m. in UC 404 

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