Staff Senate
Meeting Minutes for January 2005

JANUARY 20, 2005

Present: Sharon Ammons, Mitch Barham, Scott Beck, Barbara Bekis, Brenda Butler, Rebecca Cameron(Scott), Amanda Clarkson, Ruby Copeland, Carolyn Featherstone, Caryl Ann Gray, Virginia Huss, Lorrean Lim, Patsy Krech, James McArthur, Beverly McMillan, Barbara Marese, C.E. Mason, Nancy Massey, James Montague, Sheila Moses, Stephen Mosley, Flo O’Connor, Melodie Patterson, Vickie Peters, Ginny Reed, Nancy Stewart, Melody Weldon

Excused Absence: Shannon Diamond, Penni Istre, Jeanett Ballentine, Martha Woods

Unexcused Absence: Susan Acerra, Karen Bradley, Harry Bungard, Paul Cade, Ashley Cates, Lee Dimond, Diana Humphrey, William Jason Jr., Benjamin Moore, Faye Wilson

* * * * * * * *

Interim President Huss called the meeting to order and she asked for approval of the December minutes. There was a motion made and second for approval. The roll call sheet was circulated for attendance.


  • IT and WEB page: No report this month.

  • Membership: Senator Moses reported that she was working on the updated roster and it should be ready in the next two weeks. She will be contacting some senators who have been absent for a while. Senator Barham, Elections Chairman, needs a current roster to start work on the elections.

  • Public Relations: Senator Clarkson reported that she was forming a committee for Staff Appreciation Day. They will set the date, times, and location. She would like to have at least six on the committee. There has been a good response from Senators stating they would like to work on Staff Appreciation Day. There will be frequent meetings to be attended. Possible dates are May 17th, 24th, and 25th.

  • Vice-President: Senator Huss reported that there was no change to the current balance of $9,407.43. When we receive the statement from Aramark for the December brunch of $208.50, it will be posted against this balance.

  • President: Interim President Huss reported that Police and Parking Services will no longer jump start or unlock vehicles due liability. It had been found that too much damage was being done to the vehicles. It was reported that last week a lady had left after working hours and went to the dark garage and was told this same information. She was left alone to find someone to help her. There was some discussion on how to get this information out to the general University community. Tiger Patrol is part of Police Services so they can be called if you need help in being transported somewhere on campus.

Follow-up on handicap parking – Access to the perimeter lots is controlled by an ADA code (Americans with Disabilities Act § 4.6) that does not allow parking in an area where the pedestrian would have to cross a street. Being that this is a federal code, Parking Services will not go against it.

The Interim President attended the Strategic Planning Task Force meeting last Friday. Staff Senate is involved. This meeting pertained to goals 1 – 5 with emphasis on 4 and 5 which involved technology on campus and how it will help the staff and student community, the retention of staff, and the expansion of rewards, merit increases, and benefits. Action items will be a part of future meetings. Information will be shared with the Senate as the process moves along.

Committee Reports:

Issues and Review -- In the absence of Senator Wilson, it was reported that a few employees were upset that they would be charged their annual/sick leave if it had been requested/approved, and they were not present when the inclement weather happened. According to TBR policy, if an employee is scheduled to be off in advance of a forced closing due to inclement weather then it would be charged against the appropriate leave (Tennessee Board of Regents Policy No. 5:01:01:11,

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Legislative -- Senator Featherstone gave an informal report. She learned that if a student loses the Hope scholarship they could appeal it. Charles Biggers of Biology is our representative on campus. Any appeal will most likely be approved as money is there. There was discussion and it was determined that it is a SGA issue. Senator Stewart said the rules are constantly changing and Senator Bekis clarified that the student will not lose the scholarship until after the full first year. Therefore, if there is an appeal process in place, it will be submitted at that time. The student must also attain a 3.0 grade at the end of the second year.

Old Business -- InterimPresident Huss asked if the committees (Senate and University Committees) are meeting and how often. She stated a concern for lack of meetings and wanted to make sure the committees were functioning.         

New Business-- Specific positions and handling vacancies on the Executive Committee – With the Vice-President and Financial Officer serving as Interim President when the President resigns may cause a conflict of interest in the checks and balances of an organization. We need a By-laws committee to take care of this. The action the Senate took is as follows:

  • Senator Featherstone moved that we elect a Vice-President to finish the term with this meeting to serve notice to attend the next meeting for the election. We cannot elect a Vice-President while the position is currently filled. This was tabled.

  • Senator Featherstone moved to suspend the rules temporarily but address the one specific issue of electing a President. There was a second and it carried. Nominations were opened and closed.

  • Senator Virginia Huss was elected President unanimously.

  • Senator Stewart moved that the nominations for Vice-President remain open until the next meeting and then we have the election. This motion had a second and it was tabled. Bring your nominations to the next meeting.

President Huss stated that the By-laws Committee should be a standing committee. It is currently an ad hoc committee. There was discussion. Senator Cameron (Scott) moved that the By-laws Committee be a standing committee and there was a second and it carried. We need volunteers for this committee and it will be a lot of work.

There was discussion on Staff Senate communication to the University community as to what we do and what we are about. Suggestions are talk about the Food Bank Drive, Staff Appreciation Day, members sitting on Strategic Planning Task Force Committee, and other University committees. Use The Update, This Week, the Helmsman, and our web page.

Senator Barham stated that membership of the Executive Committee includes all committee chairmen. All chairmen were informed that the Executive Committee meets the second Thursday of the month at 9:30 a.m. in Admin 335.

Announcements -- Senator Montague and Senator Copeland were welcomed back with an ovation. We hope they both continue to gain strength and become active again.

Dr. Doug Hurley, Vice-President of Information Technology and CIO will be our guest speaker at the February 17th meeting. If you have any questions, send them to President Huss or bring them to the meeting.

The meeting was adjourned.
Respectfully submitted by Caryl Ann Gray

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