Staff Senate
July 17, 1997

Absent: Glenda Barton, Sam Brackstone, Kenneth Clark, Clyde Corley, Ronnie Logan, Pat Melton

Excused: Hope Eubanks, Lannelle Gay, Hazel Haywood, Russell Hunt, Cornelius Stump, Marcia Taylor

  1. The meeting was called to order and roll was called.
  2. Mary Ann Camp and Frank Goldberg addressed the issues of administrative staff numbers that had been raised by the Senate. Dr. Goldberg said that the current records were not organized in a way to give a meaningful answer. He committed Institutional Research to a one-year joint project with the Senate HR subcommittee to develop a classification system capable of reporting answers to questions such as those raised. Human Resources will also help with the project at the appropriate times.

    Mary Ann Camp also gave the current status of the Mercer study. This last Spring, the top-level administrators were given the results for just their division for a grade equity review. Soon (within a month), a second grade equity review will start, with the results for all divisions given so that positions may be compared across divisional lines. After the second grade equity review is completed, an impact analysis will be performed. All this will be completed by November at the earliest. Then, employees will be given their own position information, and given about two weeks to file an appeal if they disagree with the evaluation of their position. January, 1998, is the tentative target for implementation.

  3. The minutes for the June meeting were approved as written.
  4. Committee reports:
    Finance Committee:
    Billing for the ballots has not yet been received.
    Election Committee:
    Everyone should have their ballots. They are due back by tomorrow, but some additional time will be allowed while they filter back in through campus mail. Election results should be available by the end of the month.
    Issues/Review Committee:
    Ad-Hoc Bylaws Committee:
    HR Sub-committee:
    The issue of notification of employee commendations was addressed. It was decided that no official policy is really needed, but managers will be encouraged to share the commendations and place a copy in the employee's personnel file.
    Standing Committee Reports:
    Traffic and Parking report by Jim Lippy
    • The Field House parking garage is delayed until at least Spring 1998.
    • The state has determined that sales tax should be paid on parking fees, so all parking fees will increase in September by the amount of sales tax.
    • The Memphis City Council is still deciding about the Zach Curlin, Walker, and Patterson parking removal. They are also favorably considering proposals to slow traffic on Central by the university; creating a parkway (with a median strip) is one of the options.
  5. Old Business:
    • Input has been received from across the state from other employee organizations about the funding issues raised in Bill Lansden's letter. Changes based on this and other facts discovered are being made for the next draft.
    • The University of Memphis provided 2,100 lbs. of food for Operation Feed this year. A plaque provided by Operation Feed will be awarded to the winning division at a reception given in their honor. Individual offices winning awards will also have smaller celebrations. The Staff Senate formally commended Chairman Maurice Williams and Cochairs Sandy Swinger and Marcia Taylor for their efforts coordinating Operation Feed this year.
  6. New Business:
    • Jim Lippy is retiring from the university and thus resigning as Senate President. He is going on to be the Executive Director of The Greater Memphis Award for Quality, which has its offices at State Tech.
    • Harry Flowers is resigning as Secretary of the Staff Senate effective as of the next meeting [he is remaining on the Senate].
    • Since the terms of the remaining officers are up, elections for all four executive committee positions will be held at the next meeting after the new senators are sworn in.
  7. President's Remarks: Jim Lippy's retirement reception will be July 31st, beginning at 9:30am. Everyone is invited. [Notices should go out soon.]
  8. The next meeting is scheduled for August 21, 1997. Before the President Lippy could adjourn the meeting, Vice-President Ginny Reed took the floor and invited everyone to a short Senate thank-you reception for him. He was given a plaque, and our great thanks for his role as Staff Senate President during this crucial formative time for the Senate. [We will all miss you, Jim!]

Minutes respectfully submitted by Harry Flowers

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