Staff Senate
July 16, 1998

Absent: Carol Brown, Gracie Cato, Ray Craft, Frank Dyer, Kimberly Edgar, Janice Hines, Addie Hughes, Richard Jones, Lonnie Latham, Robert Marczynski, Ethel Moore, Vernon Spence, and Jeanne Tutor

Excused: Ginny Davis, Hope Eubanks, Joanne Lippy, Ronnie Logan, Michelle Stout, and Patricia Taylor

Present: Glenda Barton, Charlie Black, Sam Brackstone, Steve Canaday, Gary Carman, Pam Cash, Steven Conlee, Diane Cooper, Sherry Crone, Connie Diffee, Patricia Ehrlich, John Farrell, Verlinda Franklin, Lanelle Gay, Pat Green, Linda Hall, Hazel Haywood, Kathy Kolby, Bill Lansden, Larry Mayes, Janet Mitchell, Lavonnie Perry-Claybon, Norma Price, Ginny Reed, Bernice Richardson, Marcia Taylor, and Maurice Williams

1. Roll called.

2. Committee reports:

Finance Committee: None
Election Committee:
Pam Cash gave a summary of the election results. (See attached list of senators.)
AD-Hoc Bylaws Committee:
Issues Review Committee:
Will have a draft letter ready for the next meeting on the Snow Day issue. The committee met with Linda Clark and Harriet Montgomery on the Child Care issue. They are sending a letter to Dr. Carson proposing to use the down time at the Child Care Center for after-school care for children of faculty and staff.
3. Standing Committees:
Traffic/Parking Authority: None

Safety Committee: Eyewash stations are being installed in labs and the ramp at Mitchell Hall is being replaced. Patricia Ehrlich will be the new senate representative for this committee.

Facilities and Services Com.: None

IT Policy Committee: None

IT Admin. Advisory Com.: None

Bookstore Committee: There is a problem with placing book orders on-line, you do not receive a confirmation number. They are revising the system.

Food Services Committee: None

4. Old Business

Maurice Williams gave a report on the Operation Feed results.

Ginny Reed read a memorandum received from Mary Ann Camp, Assistant Vice President for Human Resources concerning "Notice to Employees Claiming "Exempt" from Federal Income Tax Withholding"

5. New Business

The following issue was received and read by Ginny Reed:
I am not sure whether or not anyone else has mentioned this, but after the employee performance appraisals were complete, the comments I received were that overall the employees were very displeased with the new appraisal forms. It seems that an employee's score will be less with the more categories that are rated. An employee can have the minimum of 8 categories listed and receive one score, but if two or three additional categories are ranked, the employees total score will fall, even if the employee has high ratings. There is also a wide range with the rankings except for the Distinguished performance area, where there is only a 4 point range. I would like to have the Staff Senate look at giving this to the Issues Committee to investigate with Human Resources and see if they have any comments or plan to adjust the form again.

Ms. Camp, Assistant Vice President for Human Resources, will be invited to attend the next meeting to clarify.

The following issue was received by Diane Cooper and read to the senate:

This morning my supervisor mentioned that the President of the University of Tennessee had announced that the increase in tuition (fiscal year 1998-1999) for the UT system will go specifically for upgrading faculty salaries. No mention was made of increases for staff members.

My concern is President Rawlins thinking along these lines to follow the lead of the UT System.

I do realize that the increase is directly tied to enrollment but am sure there are indicators of enrollment numbers this fall at UT as well as at The University of Memphis.

The last seven years the staff as well as faculty have shared in "lean" times and if said money is indeed earmarked for salaries it should be for faculty and staff across the board.

Any assistance you could offer will be appreciated.

The senate voted to put this issue on hold at this time.

6. Adjourn

7. Next meeting Thursday, August 20, 1998.

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