Staff Senate
Meeting Minutes for July 2004

Present: 2003 – 04 SENATORS:  Scott Beck, Paul Cade, Shirley Cowley, Sherry Crone, Caryl Ann Gray, Linda Harris, Jean Honey,  David Horan, William Jason Jr. Nancy Massey, James Montague, Benjamin Moore, Stephen Mosley, Flo O’Connor, Ginny Reed, James Rose, Hikmat Samaha, Marcy Sanford,  Arlene Savage,  Melody Weldon, Faye Wilson, Martha Woods;

2004 -05 SENATORS: Mitch Barham, Barbara Bekis, Karen Bradley, Harry Bungard, Brenda Butler, Ashley Cates, Joseph Ciavarella, Amanda Clarkson, Ruby Copeland, Carolyn Featherstone, Clairressa Goad, Virginia Huss, Penni Istre, Patsy Krech, Lorrean Lim, Torrence McKnight, Sheila Moses, Melodie Patterson, Vickie Peters, Rebecca Scott

Absent:  New Senators – Susan Acerra, Jeanett Ballentine, Shannon Diamond, Lee Dimond, Diana Humphrey, James McArthur, Beverly McMillan, Barbara Marese, C.E. Mason, Annette Webb


President Rose called the meeting to order and welcomed the 2003 - 04 and 2004 – 05 Senators.  The sign-in sheets were circulated.  A brief description of the Senate was given. Senators are elected from 15 representative clusters for a two-year term and can be re-elected for a third year by choice.  Senators are elected for 2-year and 1-year terms in accordance with the By-Laws.  The Staff Senate is a volunteer service organization. Veteran senators will provide advice and counsel.  The Staff Senate is to oversee that the University staff’s voice and concerns are heard. Keep an open line of communication with Administration because they do listen.

  • President Rose thanked the Senators for giving him the opportunity to serve as President last year and serving with them.  He thanked the Senators that are retiring for their years of volunteer service.  They are as follows:  Pam Cash, Sherri Crone, Debra Cummins, Brad Pruitt, Drew Schmitz, Jean Honey, Laura Edwards, Candy Richardville, David Horan Dianne Cooper, Julia Rhodes, Hikmat Samaha, Senese Duhart, Pam Horvath, Linda Harris, Shirley Cowley, Carol Laney, and Arlene Savage.   He also thanked his Executive Committee for their dedicated service. 
  • It was reported that there are three open Senate seats:  Arts & Science, Fogelman College, and Education.
  • President Rose led the swearing in of the Senators by having them stand and recite the Staff Senate Pledge. 
  • The meeting proceeded with the election of the President.  Several nominations were made and declined.  Joey Ciavarella and Virginia Huss accepted the nomination.  They gave a brief introduction of themselves and their qualifications.  The vote was taken and Joey Ciavarella was elected President.
  • President Ciavarella thanked the senators for their vote of confidence.   Before President Rose left the dias a word of thanks and a standing ovation was given in appreciation for his hard work.  Nominations for Vice-President/Treasurer were taken with some declining.  Torrence McKnight and Virginia Huss accepted the nomination.  Virginia Huss was elected Vice-President.  Nominations were opened for Secretary with only one, Caryl Ann Gray, and it was moved that Senator Gray be elected by unanimous vote.  The vote carried.
  • President Ciavarella then asked for volunteer nominations for the following positions and  the vote was unanimous for each:  Public Relations Coordinator – Torrence McKnight, Web-site Master – Scott Beck, Membership – Sheila Moses.
  • The Election Committee had a volunteer for Chairman – Ashley Cates.  The  Finance Committee will be chaired by Virginia Huss.  The remaining committees  will be appointed by the President:  Issues & Review and Legislative.  University-wide Committees will also be appointed by the President.
  • The Senators were encouraged to read and study the By-Laws of the Senate.  If there is a committee that you have a particular interest in, please let the President know.

The next meeting will be August 19, 2004.  The meeting was adjourned.

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