Staff Senate
Meeting Minutes for July 2005

JULY 21, 2005

Meeting opened with the reading of the Staff Senate Pledge. All of the old Senators that are rolling off were asked to move over for the new Senators. There were still not enough seats for everyone.  However, everyone was asked to read the pledge together. The new Senators were sworn in.

Discussion of the new office for the staff senate. Permanent office will be located in Browning Room 114. It’s not a staffed office, and we are working on getting it stocked. We are also working to get a student worker to man the telephone, or take memos, for the Staff Senate

Elections for the 2005-2006 Staff Senate began after the pledge. Nominations for President:

Scott Beck: accepted and unopposed. New Staff Senate President

Vice President:

Mary Johnson: accepted and unopposed. New Staff Senate Vice President


Melodie Patterson: Accepted nomination and new secretary.

Sharon Beasley: Denied nomination

Public relations:

Sharon Beasley: Nominated and accepted


Mitch Barham: Nominated and Accepted Nomination


Carol Laney: Nominated (Worked on the IT Staff Senate web page when she was previously on the Staff Senate)

Debra Turner: Nominated (Web Content Specialist)

Both candidates gave credentials on their experiences with working with IT and web pages. Elections took place and Debra Turner was elected as the new IT coordinator.

With the new Executive committee in place, a motion for the minutes from the June 23 2005 meeting were approved and seconded.

Next we began to talk about each of the other committees so that the new staff senate members could review and committee that they would be interested in. Discussion about who were to chair the committee was tabled until the next meeting.

Other committees are on a voluntary basis, and are University wide. Some meetings meet once a month, while others may meet quarterly or even once a year. President Beck mentioned that he would like to have volunteers for each committee within the next three months (Finance, Issues and Reviews, Elections, and Legislative Advisory Committees).

There are also University meetings that President Raines may require at least one staff senator to attend. It was discussed that although we require a volunteer, if no one volunteers, the president has the right to appoint someone to go to any of these meetings.

Question as to who is in charge of finances. Faye Wilson, the outgoing Vice-President, was the Finance Chairperson. In that position, the VP keeps up with what is spent and the budget.

Issues and Review – if something is requested to be corrected in University policy. A lot of positive things have come out of this committee.

Mitch Barham gave information about the Election Committee: Senator Barham explained that a lot of data gathering, reviewing terms of current and past Senators. The chairperson works with the membership committee person. It’s very time consuming. Have to keep a count of all the new members. Hopefully the process will be a lot better as we continue with the senate.

Carolyn Featherstone was on the committee for Legislative review. The committee didn’t meet very often. The committee discussed what the legislature was doing while in session. TBR only met mostly in January when it was in session.

There were no reports from the following Executive Committees: 

IT: Scott Beck – No report

Membership: Shelia Moses – No report

Public Relations: Amanda Clarkson – No report

Secretary: Caryl Ann Gray – No report

Vice President/Treasury report: Faye Wilson -- There is $4283.54 in the account, which excludes the $300 from the Faculty Senate. With that amount, we will have at least $4583.54. The question came up as to how do we acquire our budget each year. We are given a certain amount each year, and so far, our surplus into next year will include the above amount.

President Report: Virginia Huss -- Senator Huss talked about ERP and being on the steering committee. The would meet every two weeks on Tuesday mornings to discuss the business of Banner & the process, as well as dates of implementation.

IT planning and policy meets every three months. Usually the University President (President Raines) will talk to the Staff Senate President about different issues concerning the university.

Old Business:

During the 2004-2005 staff senate, there were plans to start an ad hoc committee to work on correcting the staff senate bylaws. President Beck has volunteered to head the group, and has asked for more supporters. The issue was tabled until the next meeting.

New Business:

There was a motion presented before the Staff Senate to present the out-going president with a gift (possibly a gavel or a plaque of some sort) and the out-going staff senators for their service to the University. There was further discussion as to what these gifts would entail, and finally the motion was seconded and approved.

The motion reads as follows:

Move that the Staff Senate at its next meeting or at its earliest convince present an engraved gavel to the outgoing Staff Senate President and Certificates of Appreciation to the outgoing senators for their service to the Senate.

Usually there is a sign in sheet, no roll call, like today’s meeting. Will have name place cards for each senator. The senators are allowed a least two unexcused absences. Those senators that do not wish to serve will be contacted, and those that had a close vote will be contacted and asked to serve in their place. If there is an excuse absence, please contact either the president or secretary before the absence so that it can be noted.

Packets should be sent out to the new senators. It will contain the pledge and a welcome letter.

The meeting was adjourned until the next Staff Senate meeting. Everyone was reminded that the meetings take place every third Thursday at 9:30 am. The meetings are scheduled to last for at least 1 hour. We are giving at least an extra 30 minutes if the issue becomes very heated, and agree to not go over that amount of time.

Respectfully submitted,
Melodie V. Patterson

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