Staff Senate
June 20, 1996

Absent: Helen Johnson, David Medlock, Vernon Spence, and Gloria Wyatt

Excused: Bill Akey, Susan Babb, Sam Brackstone, Colis Chambers, Clyde Corley, Verlinda Franklin, Hazel Haywood, Russell Hunt, Richard Jones, JoAnne Lippy, Scott McClain, Pat Melton, Janice Morganfield, Mike Rhodes, Marcia Taylor, and Maurice Williams

  1. Roll call was held; there were not enough senators present for a quorum at first call. However, as a brief discussion was held about planning for the next meeting, enough senators entered for a quorum. The meeting was called to order.
  2. The minutes for the May meeting were ammended and approved.
  3. Because of the resignation of Veronica Vinson (due to taking a new position in another division), the position of Secretary of the Staff Senate was vacant. An election was held to fill it. Harry Flowers and Lanelle Gay were nominated. Harry Flowers won the vote, and is the new Secretary.
  4. Committee reports:
    • There was no report from the Finance Committee.
    • Jim Lippy reported for the Election Committee that the packets for nominations have been sent out to 551 employees in the Provost's Division for two open positions, and 251 employees in the Student and Enrollment Services Division for one open position. The nomination forms are due back July 1st. After they are tabulated, ballots will be sent. It was hoped to have the position filled by the July meeting, but the timing will probably be too close.
    • A report from the Issues/Review Committee will be presented under Old Business.
    • There was no report from the Ad-Hoc Bylaws Committee
  5. Old Business: The Issues/Review Committee met with Charlotte Knowles of Wage and Salary about salary caps and recent raise guidelines as they pertained to them. She related that the University was reviewing problems with the maximums, and the position study being conducted will provide benchmark recommendations. Further clarification will be sought by the committee as to 1) Who is responsible for setting the caps?, and 2) Who made the recommendation about how they would apply to the recent raises? The general feeling is that such caps tend to penalize good employees who happen to be at or beyond the cap for their position due to length of service or certifications which carry an automatic raise, such as Certified Professional Secretary (CPS).
  6. New Business:
    • What happened with the matching funds for the 401(k) plan? Many employees signed up with the understanding that there would be a matching $20/month. Did all state employees have this benefit cut, or just higher education? There are many questions which will be investigated.
    • It is rumored that the Bursar's office will stop cashing personal checks from employees and students beginning July 1st. Many people who have heard the rumor are unhappy with this possible change in policy, and want answers as to why it's necessary.
    • The question of mail services was brought up. All of mail services excluding the U.S. Post Office has been moved, but FedEx still has pickups in Jones Hall as well as their new location south of the tracks. The U.S. Post Office is scheduled to move to the University Center after renovations are complete.
    • Direct Deposit is now required for new employees. They will not be able to get paid until they set up their direct deposit. Current employees not using direct deposit must pick up their checks at the Bursar's windows. There was some discussion as to recommendations that may be being made regarding employees who have no account for direct deposit; the matter is being investigated.
    • There is a push for Staff Senate representation on all standing committees of the University. There are currently three committees that need a Senate representative: fees, public records and forms, and safety.
  7. The meeting was ajourned. The next meeting is scheduled for July 18, 1996.
Minutes respectfully submitted by Harry Flowers.
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