Staff Senate
June 18, 1998

Absent: Ray Craft, Sherry Crone, Kimberly Edgar, Lanelle Gay, Janice Hines, Addie Hughes, Richard Jones, Robert Marczynski, Larry Mayes, Ethel Moore, Jeanne Tutor, and Maurice Williams

Excused: Carol Brown, Steve Canaday, Gracie Cato, John Farrell, Patricia Green, Linda Hall, Hazel Haywood, Lonnie Latham, Lavonnie Perry-Clayton, and Patricia Taylor

1. Roll called.

2. A presentation was made by Steve Harrast and Mary Ann Camp on information Mr. Harrast had gathered concerning positions at The University of Memphis. The senate asked that the following questions be addressed:

  1. How many new positions have been created in the last five years?
  2. How many existing positions have been upgraded?
  3. How many individuals classified as faculty are in administrative positions?
Dr. Goldberg had asked him to gather information on the following:
  1. Count base positions that exist.
    (This would exclude temporary and student positions.)
  2. What are the promotion opportunities here at The University of Memphis?
    (The Senate had requested five years of data and they were only able to collect four years.)
Conclusion presented by Mr. Harrast:
Positions classified as clerical support have had a slight downward trend, technology appears to be pushing jobs up to high levels, and advancement is available for those who want to move up.

(This is a brief summary of the detailed presentation.)

3. Committee reports:

Finance Committee: Harry Flowers stated the senate account balance is $4,335.28.
Election Committee:
The ballots will go out soon.
AD-Hoc Bylaws Committee:
Issues Review Committee:
Snow Day letter was brought up for approval. The letter will be sent to Dr. Rawlins. After discussion and input a final draft will be brought to the July meeting.
4. Standing Committees:
Traffic/Parking Authority: None

Safety Committee: None

Facilities and Services Com.: None

IT Policy Committee: None

IT Admin. Advisory Com.: None

Bookstore Committee: None

Food Services Committee: None

5. Minutes approved as amended.

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