Staff Senate

Minutes of June 21, 2001 Meeting

Present: Jack Acor, Dedrick Adell, Marcella Anderson, Regenia Ayers, Sharon Banker, Susie Barnett, Ruthie Bassford, Sharon Bumpus, Pam Cash, Kathy Cook, Dianne Day, Janis Dublin, Senese Duhart, Laura Edwards, Rosemary Frix, Waldon Hagen, Felicia Hartsfield, Diana Humphrey, Virginia Huss, Dee Luna, Lonnie Latham, Amy Martin, Beverly McMillan, James Montague, Derek Myers, Ricky Paine, Leslie Peach, Chris Powless, Kerry Ryan, Patty Short, Hope Smith, Marcia Taylor, Dwayne Thompson, Tommy Towery, Melody Weldon, and Faye Wilson

Excused: Ed Orio and Calvin Strong

Absent: Jennifer Baker, Selerstine Cooperwood, John Farrell, Jayson Fernandez, Rick Forrester, Mark Green, James Hudson, Richard Jones, Carolyn Murray, Richard Talley, Chanta Williams, and Karen Wyman

President Maurice Williams called the meeting to order at 9:34 a.m.  Ms. Glenda Barton took roll.  A quorum was confirmed.  Tellers Glenda Barton and Kathy Kolby were present to assist in the officer elections.  President Williams suggested that the March minutes and May minutes be approved at the next Senate meeting.

Senator Chris Powless moved that the pending officer elections be held by paper ballot and Senator Hope Smith seconded. Voting Results:  36-yes, 0 - no, 0 - abstentions and motion was passed.

President Williams opened the floor for nominations for the Office of President for Staff Senate 2001-02.  Senator Powless nominated Senator Marcia Taylor and Senator Senese Duhart nominated Senator Virginia Huss.  Senator Hope Smith moved that nominations be closed, Senator Powless seconded motion.  Voting Results:  36 –yes (to close nominations),

0 – no, 0 – abstentions.  Ballots were distributed.   The nominees each gave a brief statement.  President Williams provided instructions on balloting procedure.

The election was held, and Tellers reported that neither candidate won by a 26-vote majority of the Senate Membership as required in the Senate By-Laws.  Senator Powless moved to suspend the rule (Article V:3:b, second sentence) “Votes shall pass and carry by a 51% vote of the total Senate” Motion was seconded and discussion held.  It was determined that the by-laws Article V:B:2 provided for less than a 26 vote count in office elections.  Senator Powless withdrew her motion, and Senator McMillan withdrew her second. The election process proceeded.  Teller Kathy Kolby reported elections results for the office of President as follows:  Senator Taylor - 25 and Senator Huss - 11

President Williams declared Senator Taylor the winner and handed the meeting over to President Taylor.

 President Taylor asked for nominations for the position Vice President.  The nominees were:

            Senator Powless nominated Senator Laura Edwards

            Senator Susie Barnett nominated Senator Huss

            Senator Huss nominated Senator McMillan

            Senator Duhart nominated Senator Derick Adell

Staff Senate Minutes

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Motion was made to close nominations and it was seconded (36-yes, 0 - no, 0 - abstentions).  Nominees each gave a brief statement.  Senator Smith moved to allow the nominees to address the senate prior to the election being held.  Motion was seconded and passed (36-yes, 0 - no, 0 - abstentions).  Each nominee spoke briefly and then elections were held.  The teller reported the election for Vice President as follows:   Senator Edwards -18, Senator Huss - 9, Senator McMillan - 6, Senator Adell - 3

President Taylor declared Senator Edwards the winner. 

President Taylor opened the floor for nominations for the position of Coordinator of Membership.  Senator Pam Cash nominated Leslie Peach,  Senator Huss nominated Senator Duhart, and Senator James Montague nominated Senator McMillan who declined the nomination.  Motion was made to close nominations and it was seconded (36-yes, 0 - no, 0 - abstentions).  Nominees for Office of Coordinator of Membership addressed the senate and the vote was taken.  The Teller reported the following election results to the Senate for the Office of Coordinator of Membership:  Senator Duhart – 24, Senator Peach - 11, and 1 abstention.  President Taylor declared Senator Duhart the winner.

A motion was made to only count no votes or abstentions and the motion was seconded. (36-yes, 0-no, 0-abstentions)

Nominations for Secretary were taken.  Senator Duhart nominated Senator Cash, Senator McMillan nominated Senator Ruthie Bassford, and Senator Montague nominated Senator McMillan.  Senators Bassford and McMillan both declined their nominations.  A motion was made to close nominations and it was seconded (0 - no and 0 – abstentions).  A motion was made to accept Senator Cash as the new Secretary and seconded (0 - no and 0 – abstentions).  President Taylor declared Pam Cash the winner by acclimation.

President Taylor congratulated the new officers and recognized Past President Williams for his work.  President Taylor asked everyone to try and return for Dr. Faudree’s reception.

Senator Edwards made a motion to adjourn and was seconded by Senator Diana Humphrey.

Next Meeting: Thursday, July 19, 2001, at 9:30 a.m. in McWherter 225B

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