Staff Senate
Meeting Minutes for June 2005

JUNE 23, 2005

Senators present:   Jeanette Ballentine, Mitch Barham, Scott Beck, Barbara Bekis, Paul Cade, Amanda Clarkson, Ruby Copeland, Carolyn Featherstone, Caryl Ann Gray, Virginia Huss, Penny Istri, Patsy Krech, Lorrean Lim, Barbara Marese, James Montague, Sheila Moses, Flo O’Connor, Melodie Patterson, Ginny Reed, Melody Weldon, Faye Wilson, Martha Woods

Senators absent: Sharon Ammons, Karen Bradley, Brenda Butler, Becky Cameron, Shannon Diamond, C.E. Mason, Nancy Massey, James McArthur, Bev McMillan, Benjamin Moore, Stephen Mosley, Vicki Peters, Nancy Stewart

The meeting was called to order at 9:30 a.m. by President Huss.  Senators were reminded to sign in.  

The minutes were voted on and approved.


  • IT Report - Scott Beck: No report

  • Membership Report - Shelia Moses: No report

  • Public Relations Report - Amanda Clarkson:  Senator Clarkson gave a report on the Staff Appreciation Day festivities and thanked everyone for their hard work in helping to make it a success.  President Huss in turn thanked Amanda for a good job and reminded everyone that a tee shirt was purchased for all senators and if anyone had not picked theirs up to please see her.  

  • VP/Financial Report - Faye Wilson:  Senator Wilson gave the financial report; $264.35 was spent on Tee shirts for all the current senators to be worn on Staff Appreciation Day, plus $4,651.00 for food, etc. The total spent for Staff Appreciation Day was $4, 915.35 leaving a balance on hand of $4283.58.  President Huss announced there would be a $300 TV forthcoming from the Faculty/Staff.

  • Presidents Report - President Huss:  President Huss thanked everyone for serving on committees this past year and announced that she has accepted a new position on campus and will no longer be eligible to serve as President after this term.  She will conduct the July meeting to initiate the elections and step down from the Staff Senate at that time.  President Huss also stated that the carry forward for next year is $4,583.58; therefore, the Staff Senate will have available money to spend in order to have a functional Staff Senate office.  Senators were encouraged to attend the First Friday Forum each month at 1pm as the meetings are very informative. President Raines conducts the meetings.  President Huss stated that President Raines is very supportive and invites open discussion on meeting topics. 


Election: Senator Barham gave an update on the election progress.  Assimilating the clusters / mailing addresses were a challenge but all have been sent.  The results are in and the ones elected will be contacted to see if they will serve for the coming year.  Senator Barham was thanked for all the work in getting the clusters organized and the feeling is that next year it will be a much easier process. 

We now have a new permanent Staff Senate office space, Browning, room 114.  Senator Huss will get the keys and will arrange to get things moved.  Executive Committee members looked at the space and reported that it is newly renovated. 

There was discussion about office furniture and supplies.  Senator O’Connor volunteered to see what surplus Physical Plant has.  Needed are two desks, a table, some chairs and another filing cabinet.  There is a printer but no computer.  There is no need for a copier at this time. The cost is about $250 for systems furniture/cubicle set-up.  Since we have carry forward money, we should utilize the money to furnish the new office.  Senator Wilson will check to see what furniture is available from departments that are redesigning, moving, etc.  A sign is in the process of being made for the new office and there will be no expense for this. Necessary supplies are paper, letter head, envelopes, labels, general supplies and a phone. The motion was made and carried to allot $1,000 for the new office needs.  Senator Beck will work with Telecommunications in getting phones installed, etc.

It was suggested during the discussion of carry forward money, that the Staff Senate employ a student worker for a few hours a week for such tasks as retyping /updating (per the By-Law Committee) the by-laws for next year and he/she could also help with the elections.  It was recommended that the discussion of hiring a student worker be brought back to the table as soon as the election of new officers is completed. 

Two new policy’s were discussed, Children on Campus policy and Staff Degree Incentive Program.  Child care is needed for after school care.  President Huss stated that a committee on campus has been formed and they are investigating this issue.

The question was asked about length of terms.  The By-laws state that a person can serve two, 2 year terms for a total of 4 years. After 4 years you must rotate off for at least one year.   If a senator is elected to serve for a one year term or fill a one year term for a vacated seat, they will only be able to serve one two year term and will roll off for one year.  A senator should not serve 5 consecutive years under any condition. 

All out-going and in-coming senators were requested to be present for the July meeting and refreshments will be served.

The meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Faye Wilson, (in the absence of Carol Ann Gray)

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