Staff Senate
June 2006

The University of Memphis

Staff Senate Minutes for

Thursday June 15, 2006

9:30 AM

Senators present: Johnson, Mary; Cantler, Edwin; Magueyal, Christina; George, Elise; Tolson, T.G.; Carman, Gary; Taylor-Strowder, Ora; Colburn, Dorothy; Hawkins, Roy; Woemmel, Clay; Bell, Karen; Prahalathan, Pat; Patey, Reneé, Fair, Angela; Laney, Carol; Wilson, Deborah; Moses, Shelia; Muldrow, Vanessa;  Lee, Bernadette; Turner, Debra; Cox, Thomas; Boyce, Susan; Harbin, Bill; Turner, Gary; Hurley, Nancy; Wilson, Faye.

Senators Absent (Excused): Hawkins, Yolanda; Bekis, Barbara; Young-Taylor, Geraldine; Beacham, Melody; Cogdal, Pam; Fitzgerald, Peggy; Harrison, April; Blake, Margo; Lim, Lorrean.

Senators Absent (Unexcused): Underwood, William; Dimond, Joellen; Bronson, Terrance; Claunch, Reba; O’Bryan, Kathryn; Channell, Jessica; Walsh, Elaine; Ballard, Evell; Wheeler, Helen; Swinger, Sandra; Brown, Annette; Hudson, Rika.

Minutes from the June 15, 2006 Meeting:

The meeting was brought to order. The new senators were congratulated for being elected to the senate. The new senators were advised that they will be sworn in at the end of the meeting. All senators were asked if they received a copy of the minutes from May 18th. All of the senators stated that they had received the minutes. There were corrections to the minutes. Under the “Election Committee Report” section, “he” was changed to “she” in the first sentence. Under the “IT Administrative Advisory” section, there was a sentence added. All changes were made and forwarded to Senator Turner. The motion was made and seconded to approve the minutes pending the changes. The minutes were approved.

Executive Committee Reports

President’s Report (Scott Beck): President Beck announced that starting in July, The University of Memphis will begin Banner Web for Time. A memo was created and distributed to the employees addressing submission of time for payment. Each employee must acknowledge that they understand they will have to submit their own leave report electronically, or there will be a delay in payment. Information pertaining to Web for Time may be viewed at the following web page.

Web for time reporting is departmental, and would require a second approval. 

Vice President’s Financial Report (Mary Johnson): We have a total of $1,437.33 in the Staff Senate account. The total cost for Staff Appreciation Day was $6,150, the cost for the certificates acknowledging the out-going senators was $59.28, and the cost for the new tape recorder was $28.98.

Secretary’s Report (Melodie Patterson): No report

Membership Report (Mitch Barham): No Report

Public Relations Report (Sandra Swinger):  No report

Web Site/ IT Report (Debra Turner): The insignia from the Staff Senate pins has been removed from the Staff Senate web page. The University of Memphis Marketing department stated that there could be an issue with Copyright/brand violations, and therefore the image of the staff senate pin with the old crest would need to be removed. There is a new pin with the current crest available, but the insignia will remain off of the page until Marketing gives the affirmative that the image may be posted.

Election Committee Report (Lorrean Lim): No report

Issues and Reviews (Barbara Bekis): No report

Legislative Advisory Committee (Peggy Fitzgerald): No Report

University Wide Committee Reports

Bookstore: No Report

Campus Safety and Security: No report

Facilities and Services: No Report 

Fee Refunds & Appeals: No report

1st Year Experiences (Senator Turner): Senator Turner reported that Freshman Convocation will be held August 28, 2006 (first day of classes), at 2:00 pm in the Rose Theatre. Arts and Sciences will be in charge of the convocation. The committee believes that this will be the largest meeting with approximate 1,200 freshmen in attendance

Food Services/Dining: No report

IT Administrative Advisory: No Report

Public Records & Forms: No Report

Space Planning: No report

Traffic & Parking: No report

Old Business: Presentation of Certificates to Old Senators and Sweating In of New Senators: President Beck recognized the old senators that were rolling off for the 2005-2006 term. Following the presentation, President Beck wanted to recognize and swear in the new senators, and elect the Executive Committee. The designation of volunteers for the University Wide committees will be left for the July 20th meeting.

All of the senators were given a copy of the pledge as the new senators and the ones that were remaining recited the Staff Senate Pledge. President Beck thanked all of the senators for agreeing to take the position that was offered. He described the duties of the senators, being that they are an advisory committee that is in close contact with Dr. Raines and the rest of the University Staff.

New Business: election of New Officers for 2006-2007 Term: The new officers were elected for the 2006-2007 term. Prior to the nominations, each position was described as to the duties of the executive members. The senators that were nominated and elected for the 2006-2007 term were:

President - Nominated: Nancy Hurley (accepted); Sheila Moses (declined). Clay Woemmel (declined). There was a motion to accept the nomination of Senator Hurley as Staff Senate President, and she accepted. .

Vice-President –Nominated: Mary Johnson, who was the Vice-President for 2005-2006 term. The Vice president is also the chair of the finance committee. There were no more nominations. A motion to accept Senator Johnson as Vice President was made, seconded and approved.

Secretary: Senator Patterson informed the senate about the duties as secretary. The Secretary basically takes the minutes for each Staff Senate meeting and reports them to the senate. The Secretary also stays in contact with the president, and makes sure that all changes are communicated to the staff. Susan Boyce was nominated, but declined. Senator Faye Wilson was nominated and accepted. Senator Wilson accepted the position after a motion was made to approve her as the new secretary.

Membership: Senator Barham discussed the position and requirements of the Membership Coordinator, who is in charge off keeping a record of all of the senators who are currently on staff. President Beck addressed the issues we had this year with attendance, mainly due to many of the senators being involved with Banner/Spectrum training. At this time, a motion to hold off all elections was tabled until the July meeting when all of the other senators were present.

There were no further reports. The meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Melodie V. Patterson

Staff Senate Secretary

2005-2006 Term

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