Staff Senate

March 19, 1998

Absent: Joan Cesari, Steven Conlee, Kimberly Edgar, Linda Heide, Janice Hines, and Richard Jones

Excused: Charlie Black, Sam Brackstone, Steve Canaday, Gracie Cato, Ginny Davis, Connie Diffee, Frank Dyer, John Farrell, Lanelle Gay, Patricia Green, Linda Hall, Addie Hughes, Larry Mayes, Ethel Moore, and Patricia Taylor

1. The meeting was called to order and roll was called.

2. Committee reports:

Finance Committee: Harry Flowers stated the senate account balance is $5,245.72

Election Committee: None

AD-Hoc Bylaws Committee: None

Issues Review Committee: Diane Cooper is the new chair for this committee. Due to Frank Goldberg's resignation she will start over with the issue that was taken up concerning positions (reduced/created).

Standing Committees:

Traffic/Parking Authority: Hazel Haywood agreed to attend these meetings in place of Tommie Polk.

Safety Committee: None

Facilities and Services Com.: None

IT Policy Committee: The conversion will not take place so the current platform will be used and upgraded.

IT Admin. Advisory Com.: Anyone using FRS will see changes in the Fall. A set of policies have been constructed for use of the Web pages and they will be reviewed next month. Several hundred new computers have been purchased for the labs.

Bookstore Committee: Next meeting is April 8, 1998.

Campus School Committee: Letters are starting to come in for admission to Campus School.

Food Services Committee: As of July 1, Food Services will come under Student Services.

3. Old Business

Operation Feed

There will be a one month campaign in conjunction with the student organizations with kick-off being April 1. The campaign will run the same as last year. Brister Tower will be used as the storage area Central Receiving will pick up all the items from each area on April 30th. Each senator is responsible for keeping food and points until April 30th. April 1st all senators are asked to come over to support the kick-off and canned foods brought that day will count as admission. Maurice needs volunteers for the registration table.

4. New Business

Janet Mitchell thanked everyone for volunteering for the TBR meeting.

The following was provided in reference to the COLA Bill: the Senate Bill 2701 by Crutchfield House Bill 3337 by Head an act to amend Tennessee Code Annotated, Title 8, Chapter 30, Part 2, to provide for annual cost-of-living adjustments of state employee compensation.


The Senate agreed to move the April meeting to April 23, 1998 at 2:00 p.m. to allow Dr. Rawlins to join us. If anyone has any questions or concerns they should be given in advance to Janet Mitchell in the President's office. These questions may be signed or may be submitted anonymously. Everyone is invited to attend.


April 1 and 2, the University is taking part in the City's commemorative 30th anniversary of Martin Luther King's death. Maurice Williams asked that all senators try to attend the luncheon and possibly some of the seminars. Motion was made and seconded.

Lavonnie Perry-Claybon announced the Diversity & Customer Service training March 24th or 25th, 8:30 a.m.- 4:30 p.m. in Jones Hall room 105.

Non-Faculty Sick Leave Bank will be sending out information.

Kathy Kolby agreed to develop a resolution to thank Tommie Polk for her contributions to the Staff Senate.

5. February minutes approved.

6. Meeting adjourned. Next meeting is April 23, 1998 at 2:00 p.m.

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