Staff Senate
Meeting Minutes for March 2005

MARCH 17, 2005

Senators present:  Jeanett Ballentine, Mitch Barham, Scott Beck, Barbara Bekis, Ruby Copeland, Carolyn Featherstone, Caryl Ann Gray, Virginia Huss, Penni Istre, Patsy Krech, Barbara Marese, C.E. Mason, Nancy Massey, James McArthur, James Montague, Benjamin Moore, Flo O’Connor, Melodie Patterson, Ginny Reed, Faye Wilson

Senators absent:  Sharon Ammons, Karen Bradley, Brenda Butler, Paul Cade, Becky Cameron, Amanda Clarkson, Shannon Diamond, Lorrean Lim, Bev McMillan, Stephen Mosley, Sheila Moses, Vicki Peters, Nancy Stewart, Melody Weldon, Martha Woods

The meeting was called to order at 9:30 a.m. by President Huss. She introduced our guest speaker, Mr. Patrick Perry, Associate Director Financial Aid – Scholarships and National Student Exchange.

Mr. Perry did a Power Point presentation on the lottery scholarships and other student aid and assistance.   The Hope (lottery) scholarship requirements the first year were ACT 19 or 3.0 high school GPA.  This coming Fall the requirements will be SAT 980, ACT 21 or 3.0 GPA. There are a lot of changes and the rules change every year. It is encouraged that all students, parents, faculty and staff find out this information to keep themselves informed, as what you hear from others may or may not be true. There is a web page and phone number for information.

The web page is:    Phone number: 1-800-342-1663

The students apply for this scholarship by filing for the FAFSA. The earlier the better as they need to be processed by May 1st with an April admit. Lottery ticket sales will have an impact on the scholarships and right now they are steady. There has been an increase in all scholarship programs for student assistance including the HOPE.  Home schooled and GED students have a different criteria.

The HOPE scholarship is for $3,000 a year guaranteed. In addition if they have an ACT 29 and 3.75 GPA an additional $1,000 can be added.  The maximum for a Hope scholarship is $4,000. If the student has an ACT 18 and GPA 2.75 with family income of $33,000 or less they can be awarded $2,000. The student must be a Tennessee resident one year prior to May 1st and enrolling in the Fall following graduation. After 24 hours attempted it is necessary to have a GPA of 2.75 or above.  After 48, 72, and 96 hours and 5th year student a cumulative 3.0 GPA is needed. Appeals are made through the Scholarship Office. Applicants for the HOPE have increased from 1,500 last year to 2,000 this year. It is stressed that students know and understand all rules governing the HOPE scholarships. These rules are strictly followed by the state.  Minority applicants have doubled due to the “or” statement in the ACT or GPA.  All departments should develop an educational plan to help the students.

Questions were answered:  If a student did not graduate but received the GED he can still receive the HOPE if the TSAC timeline is followed. If you went to a school out-of-state and come back to an in-state school you can still qualify if all guidelines are followed. All students must be fulltime status unless they have permission.  Other scholarships can be utilized such as the Pell grant plus the HOPE.  The student receives the money from the state.  If appealed due to the loss of his/her scholarship, there is no automatic awarding of the scholarship. There must be a documented reason in an appeal and the review panel is sympathetic. This money does not increase the budget but it does have an impact on the budget.

Mr. Perry was thanked for a very informative presentation.

The Senate meeting continued with President Huss asking for approval of the minutes. After discussion on who received the minutes they were approved as written.


  • IT Report (Scott Beck): No Report at this time

  • Membership Report (Shelia Moses):  It was reported that Senator Moses is updating the senator list and through contacting certain senators has found that several have left employment at the University and two resigned from the Senate. She is also working on getting an updated employee list from Human Resources for the election.

  • Public Relations Report (Amanda Clarkson): Senator Clarkson was not present for a report.

  • Secretary (Caryl Ann Gray):  Senator Gray stated again the importance of letting her know if you have not received the minutes.  Also to let her or the President know if you are unable to be present for the meeting.  A new procedure for Roll Call has been developed.  A sign-in sheet will be on the table by the name plates.  If you know of a senator that has no interest of working with or staying in the Senate, encourage them to resign.  There are a lot of vacancies in the senate.

  • For documentation only:  Lee Dimond and Diana Humphrey resigned

  • Harry Bungard, Ashley Cates, and William Jason are no longer employed

  • It was asked if anyone knew the status of David Doyle, Samuel Hurst, Mary Lanier, and Susan Acerra

  • Vice President/Treasurer (Faye Wilson): Senator Wilson reported that there were no expenditures for the month leaving a balance of $9,198.93.

  • President Report (Virginia Huss): President Huss reported on the Budget Review meeting that she attended. The Deans reported on their accomplishments. They also presented their department/college budget status and how the 5% cut will affect them. All departments were encouraged to spend their available funds wisely and in a timely manner.


Election:  Senator Barham gave a short detailed report on the progress of preparation for the Election and the importance of people to be willing to work. It will take a lot of work and help.

Space Planning:  The University committee was attended by Senator Beck for Senator Stewart.  Discussion on the renovation of the University Center and the moving of employees will probably take place by the end of summer.  It is expected to be a 2-3 year renovation process. It was reported that in the Mail Services building across the tracks on Southern it is planned to have a substation for Campus Police in conjunction with Memphis Police Department. The Captain of the MPD Reserves and recruits will be working from the office there.  Squad cars will be present and no police activity will be brought in. It is hoped that this will help deter crime in the Southern parking lot.

Questions/answers:  How is the Staff Senate budget affected by the carry forwards? Our budget is different but we have the expense of Staff Appreciation Day to still be paid for. President Huss reported that we need a bigger office, furniture, computer, phone, etc. These are expected expenses in the future. The Senate cannot work comfortably with the space that has been provided. The President’s Office is the source of our budget.  Was there mention of pay raises at the budget meetings?  The state has not approved a budget so there is nothing to base pay raises on.   

The meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Caryl Ann Gray, Secretary

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