Staff Senate
March 16, 2000

Present: Cathy Awsumb, Glenda Barton, Charlie Black, Devonia Cage, Marie Dockter, Lorene Flowers, Gary Fortner, Nancy Hollingsworth, R. C. Johnson, Kathleen Kolby, Ronald MacDonald, Amy Martin, Jann Mayes, Larry Mayes, Becky McCoy, John Melton, Janice Morganfield, Cathy Philpot, Bernice Richardson, Jim Selbe, Patty Simonton, James Singleton, Vanessa Smith, Veronica Vinson, Maurice Williams

Absent: Kathy Atkinson, Johnny Barnes, Oscar Collier, Jimmy Craft, Sherry Crone, Verlinda Franklin, Brenda Gray, Edward Orio, Lynn Owens, Leslie Smith

Excused: Sally Andrews, Regina Ayers, Gary Carmen, Barbara Harris, Mary Harris, Hazel Haywood, Diana Humphrey, Jennifer Joyner, Beverly McMillan, Jane Perrello, Michelle Stout, Carolyn Zoccola

Meeting was called to order at 9:33 AM

  1. Roll called.
  2. Approval of minutes.
  3. Guest Speaker: Bruce Harbor- Associate Director of Police Services, who retired from the Memphis Police Department, has joined Police Services. He informed us of the Friday Comstat Meetings which are held at 10 AM in the Delta Lounge of the UC every Friday when school is in session. This meeting reviews crime that has occurred in the Central Precinct during the past week and crime that has occurred on campus. Everyone is invited to attend.
  4. Currently the ease of access to campus is the biggest problem contributing to crime. Protecting vehicles is a problem in the majority of reports. The Observation Towers are staffed and officers are patrolling campus. The gated lots have deterred crime in those lots. Police Services is currently in the process of doing security surveys and are focusing on more awareness and education. They are also looking at facilities to see when people are here and to see how the buildings are being used.

    The University will begin having its own state certified training. Our officers are completely state certified, but have been certified through the Memphis Police Department in the past. This training included training that is specific to the Memphis Police Department and their needs and did not apply to our officers or the needs of the University. Police Services is focusing on increased visibility and considering mini precinct or work stations throughout campus. They are enforcing speeding and looking at purchasing radar guns. Several others projects are; 1) website to report crimes, 2) dialing *866 on a cell phone to report crimes, 3) Campus Crimestoppers Program that will tie into the Memphis Crimestoppers Program with money awarded through Memphis Crimestoppers. They are also looking at tying into the Memphis Police Department’s Record’s System and getting radio frequency to allow officers to communicate directly with the Central Precinct. They are also considering security cameras in the Observation Towers. The question was addressed regarding security at University off-campus sites. Police Services will be doing a full security assessment. There are issues regarding the property not being Board of Regent’s property, but Tennessee land grant property, so we have to work with other sources. They will be doing awareness education.

  5. Committee Reports:
Finance: Maurice Williams reported that the Staff Senate currently has $3,377.00 on hand. $530.00 is obligated. We will be having
an upcoming expense for Operation Feed and money for the

Our budget comes out of the President’s Office. We
are not asking for an increase. We are trying to cut costs in
copying and use our money wisely. May have new costs when
we get a new office. The Faculty Senate has been very helpful
in this process. We currently have a two drawer file cabinet for
our use in the Faculty Senate Office.

Operation Feed- people who want to participate will have to
come to the picnic scheduled for March 27. You will be
receiving information on Project Unite. The campaign will
end on April 27. Food will have to be delivered to specific
drop off locations. As you receive information, encourage
people to participate and let people know we care about our
students and community.

This is the 25th anniversary of the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Award. Past recipients of the award are being invited.

Election: Glenda Barton- no report

Leslie Smith has resigned from the Staff Senate.

Issues and Review: No Report

Standing Committees: Facilities & Services- no report

Traffic & Parking - no report

Safety - James Singleton reported that 3 million dollars has been requested for environmental problems.

IT Planning & Policy Council - no report

IT Administrative Advisory Committee - Marie Docker reported
that a survey is going to administrators to find out what
departments are using.

Bookstore Committee - no report

Food Services - Patty Simonton reported that the Food Service
Committee met. University employees were concerned regarding
the hours of operation during Spring Break.

Public Records - no report

Fee Refunds & Appeals- no report

Ad Hoc Committee on Strategic Planning - Jim Selbe reported that the report has gone to the Board of Regents and should be on the University website.

Update Committee - Cathy Philpot reported that it is possible that the University will be assessed 6 million dollars to payback.

Old Business: By-Laws - the Faculty Senate has been helpful. We need a volunteer to work with the Executive Committee.

President’s Remarks: Dr. McPhee called Kathy Kolby and asked about the names being considered for the Interim President. The Acting President of the Faculty Senate wants the Faculty Senate and the Staff Senate to work together.

Meeting was adjourned.

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