Staff Senate
Meeting Minutes for March 2006

8:30 AM

Senators present: Andrews, Margaret; Ballentine, Jeanett; Barham, Mitch; Beck, Scott; Bekis, Barbara; Boyce, Susan; Butler, Brenda; Carman, Gary; Channell, Jessica; Clarkson, Amanda; Claunch, Reba; Tucker, Ruby; Fullwood, Ann; Hawkins, Roy; Hurley, Nancy; Istre, Penni; Johnson, Mary; McMillan, Bev; Mosly, Stephen; O’Bryan, Kathryn; Patterson, Melodie; Stewart, Nancy; Swinger, Sandra; Taylor-Strowder, Ora; Turner, Debra; Wheeler, Helen; Wilson, Deborah Farrior.

Senators Absent (Excused): Bragdon, Rebecca; Cantler, Edwin; Fair, Angela; Hawkins, Yolanda; Laney, Carol; Lim, Lorrean.

Senators Absent (Unexcused): Ballard, Evall; Blake, Margo; Briggs, Angela; Bronson, Terrence; Cade, Paul; Crawford, Deborah; Daniel, Ashley; Fitzgerald, Peggy; Lott, Ruby; McArthur, James; Merrit, Rebecca Abernathy; Rateri, Elizabeth; Woods, Keeya; Young-Taylor, Geraldine.

Minutes from the March 16, 2006 Meeting:

The meeting was called to order. The Senators were asked if they had received the minutes. The minutes had been received, but the section for Senators Absent (Unexcused) had to be added to the minutes. There was a motion to approve the minutes after they have been corrected. The motion was approved and seconded, pending the corrections.

Executive Committee Reports

President’s Report (Scott Beck): President Beck handed out the results of the survey that was given at the Spectrum Celebration on February 24th. The survey contained questions addressing the issues of managers, supervisors, and their support of their employees during Banner/Spectrum training. The results were not completely accurate due to only a few people answering the questions. For example, even though the results were showing 56% or 78% of the people answered that they either agreed or disagreed to one of the choices given on the survey, there was only 46 to 49 surveys completed, which represents a small percentage of the people involved in Banner/Spectrum training. It is believed that there were some Spectrum Teams answering the questions together. The Staff Senate will try to submit another survey once Banner/Spectrum is up and running. Currently FRS is the only module that is running.

Vice President’s Financial Report (Mary Johnson): There was no change in the budget. There is currently $7,586.49 in the budget.

Secretary’s Report (Melodie Patterson): No report.

Membership Report (Mitch Barham): Senator Lim and Senator Barham have updated the U of M staff list, as well as the current Staff Senate List, to determine who is eligible for the elections, or re-election, for the 2006-2007 terms. Despite the situation with the absences among the senators (especially due to Banner/Spectrum training), we will continue to encourage participation in the Staff Senate.

Public Relations Report (Sandra Swinger): Senator Swinger spoke with Aramark about what will be served during the Staff Appreciation Day on May 11th. Senator Swinger stated that we will either serve Bar-B-Q, or a box lunch from Chick-Fil-A. The committee came to this decision due to the staff asking for, or helping themselves to, multiple servings in the past. Senator Fitzgerald asked about door prizes, and what would be a good idea to give out to the staff. Senator McMillan asked for assistance in contacting vendors for the door prizes, and if we knew of any other vendors, to send that information to Senator Fitzgerald. A current list of vendors was passed around, and the Senators were asked to volunteer to contact some of the ones listed.

On the issue about how we could prevent people from getting two box lunches, there is no real way to police the situation. Only thing we can do is to ask the people to be considerate and not take more than one serving. There was the idea to have the Senators serve the food in order to control who is being served. Also, there was the suggestion of distributing tickets, or even stamping people’s hands, but we do not want to monitor the staff like children. Senator Carmen stated that if more people volunteered to work the food area, then we could possibly deter others from taking more than their share of the food.

Senator Bekis remarked on the fact that there were multiple requests for water, rather than sodas. The committee will look into rationing the beverages as well the food. Senator Istre asked about the costs for the food, and Senator Clarkson stated that last year, we got a discounted amount of $4,000 for a serving for 1,000 people, and that we had to use Aramark.

There was a question about the Staff Senate having shirts, but that could be neglected due to budgeting constraints. 

Web Site/ IT Report (Debra Turner): President Beck gave the report in Senator Turner’s absence. President Beck had a demo page of the new Staff Senate web page. Senator Turner spoke with web services, and currently the old link will take you to the old Staff Senate page. President Beck wanted to display and vote on the current page, but there was not enough present to make a decision. Once we decide on if we like the page and when to go live, the domain name will then change to Senator Turner has created a template of the web page. It is similar to the U of M main page to where it has pictures that change after every visit. There are links to clusters, names of the senators, current issues, and the archived minutes. We are in need of more pictures of the Staff Senate, the President of the University, and other staff members across campus. The question was brought up as to how far we should go back with the minutes. That question, along with when we should go live, will be discussed in the next meeting.

Election Committee Report (Lorrean Lim): Report was given along with the Membership report.

Issues and Reviews (Barbara Bekis): Senator Bekis reported that the Staff Senate was mentioned in an article in the Daily Helmsman concerning recycling. The following link will take you to the article:

 (Recycling Efforts a Waste on Campus).

The issue on recycling, and the lack of support across campus, was initially brought up by Barbara Taller, an Associate Professor in Molecular Biology here at the University of Memphis, at a First Friday Forum. The article mentioned that the issue is before the Executive Counsel, and that Physical Plant is being contacted, as well as a group known as the Environmental Action Club, to further pursue a solution to this problem.

Legislative Advisory Committee (Peggy Fitzgerald): No report.

University Wide Committees:

Bookstore: No report.

Campus Safety and Security: No report

Facilities and Services: No report

Fee Refunds & Appeals:  No report.

1st Year Experiences: This group has not met yet, therefore, no report.

Food Services/Dining: No report

IT Administrative Advisory: No report

Public Records & Forms: No report.

Space Planning: No report.

Traffic & Parking: No report.

Old Business:

(Pertaining to the Campus Wide Committees) Senator McMillan suggested that we take more initiative to contact these committees to see when the meetings are held. With so much that is going on with Banner and Spectrum, a majority of these committees probably have not held a meeting this year. Also, some of these committees may only meet quarterly. It would be, however, advantageous to contact the committees to see if any of the Senators missed anything. Senator Taylor asked if we could found out who the chairpersons were for the different committees. President Beck stated that he would find out and distribute the information to the Senators. Senator Andrews received a letter from her committee and was told that she would be contacted in the event that there is a meeting.

New Business:

(New Tape Recorder) A motion was made to purchase a new tape recorder. President Beck stated that the Bylaws allows for purchases up to $500 without Senate approval. The purchase was approved.

(Staff Senate Absences) The question was asked if we should make a formal statement to the absent senators, or if we should be more lenient if they are involved in Banner/Spectrum Training. Senator Carmen made an observation that there were senators that were sworn in at the beginning of the term that never returned for other meetings. The Bylaws state that a Senator should have no more than 4 absences before his/her senate seat is up for a vote. Senator Stewart questioned if it was the best thing to do, to continue to let people serve that are highly involved with training, or should we allow someone else in the clusters to serve in the current senator’s place. There was a question as to what would constitute an excused or unexcused absence. The Senators wondered if this procedure will be easy or difficult in order to fill the current seats. There were not enough senators present to have quorum to be able to vote on the issue. There was the suggestion of having a proxy vote for those senators who were absent, but the Bylaws do not allow proxy votes to occur. It was later suggested that may be the Bylaws Committee could review the rules for possibly allowing a proxy vote. As mentioned earlier, Senator Barham and Senator Lim were working on the current Staff Senate list, and on the eligibility for re-election. An e-mail notifying the senators of their status will probably be distributed prior to the elections. President Beck will look into sending out the e-mail to the absent senators concerning their status, and their intentions of continuing for the current term. The e-mail will mention that the current status of those senators will be put to a vote, depending on if we have enough present to vote at the next meeting.

There were no further reports. The meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Melodie V. Patterson
Staff Senate Secretary

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